Subwoofers location

I have 2 Rythmik's FV15HP (DIY) that are located between my mains (Tyler's D1) and the wide speakers (Infinity's Intermezzo 2.6p).
Is this the correct location for the subs or should I place them between the center and mains! Under the screen?
Put them where they sound best to you. It's not rocket sc... oh,never mind.:)
AVR owner's manual usually shows diagram of optimum positioning. They should be forward from the fronts.
Like Tpreaves mentioned - where ever it sounds the best. The key is you don't want to know where the sub is located. I have my Rel about 6 ft to the right of my right speaker. Sounds great but most important I can't point to it when my eyes are closed.
i have my velodyne behind my chair with mmgs on front wall. i can't tell you how much better it sounds than when it was between the speakers. so many variables and experimenting before i discovered this.
This is a good read... papers

click on subwoofers.
Right. There is no useful rule about placement with regard to main speakers as the best position(s) are determined with respect to room dimensions/boundaries and listening position. The whole idea is to minimize modal excitation.

Hi all ! Testing has shown the best location for a single sub to be in a corner . Strongest and smoothest response .
If you're using the bass management in the Integra 80.1, I doubt that you'll hear a ton of difference between sub positions - unless you happen to pick a really, really bad one. I've had my pair of (Rythmik) subs in five different spots - including those between, outside, behind, and ahead of the mains - and never really felt that there was much to complain about in any of them after the Audyssey set-up with my recently installed Onkyo prepro.

I spent the first week after installing the Onkyo experimenting with subwoofer placement and set-up mic placement. The result from many dozens of sweeps indicated that sub placement (all within 4 feet of the speakers in my circumstance) made little difference in the end result - that I could hear, anyway. I know that this runs 180 degrees opposite the experience with non-EQ'd subs, but that was how it played out in my case. In fact, I believe that you're more likely to hear differences between different mic placements with the subs in the same spot, than you are between different subwoofer placements with the mic in the same spot. IME, anyway.

BTW, I ended up using position # 5; My Ohm 100s sit atop the subs (on a special-purpose speaker platform). This was chosen not for sound optimization, but to minimize the footprint. Other than slightly altering the imaging/staging, this position sounded very much like the others - and opened up floorspace.

Good Luck.

Slightly (okay, more than slightly) OT:

Yesterday I set up my phono rig for the first time in the new system. This comprises 2 'tables; a Rega/Rega/Acoustic Solid and a Graham/Graham (or Lyra/Graham on a second wand)/Oracle, both routed via an Aethetix Rhea. I was curious to see whether the A/D/C process in Audyssey "homoginized" the sound between my digital and analog sources.

Bottom line: It didn't. The analog source still sounded notably different from the digital source. I'm not yet in a position to judge whether it sounds as good as it did thru my old ARC pre (or the Joule pre that it was often routed thru), but I can say that it still sounds "analog" - even after Audyssey has had its way with the signal.