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Any Tekton (DI) installations in Tampa?
emt........Just bring a receiver over and make sure they play . They will sound much different with your  equipment / room anyway .  
Suggestion on XLR Cables
I don't know what they did . Its like a $7 or $8k preamp so there shouldn't be anything cheap in there . Its a good thing my F6 amp only has single ended inputs otherwise I probably would have used balanced there also , it would have sounded doubl... 
Suggestion on XLR Cables
Just to follow up ....I spoke with Ayon  as I wanted to know about the "amp" switch on the back of my CD player . I mentioned my experience switching between balanced and single ended between my Cary and the Ayon player . He said " balanced wont s... 
Suggestion on XLR Cables
Just to be clear.... Home systems with normal runs don't need balanced. 
Suggestion on XLR Cables
Home users don't need balanced. Didn't know I was on a pro site. 
Suggestion on XLR Cables
Cables do have their own sound and can be used to fine tune systems. I was floored when I replaced the balanced Tara for a single ended Tara ...night and day . This is between an ayon 2s player and a Carry slp-05 preamp , so you are talking excell... 
Suggestion on XLR Cables
I recently changed my CD player / preamp cables from balanced to single ended and the improvement was stunning . That said , I would contact The Cable Company and try different ones to see what you like . You can buy them at a discount as they are... 
Low heat alternative to FIRSTWATT J2 ?
I would hire a cute girl to fan myself and the amp before I got rid of my F6 . 
Please help me chose a tube preamp
I second the SLP-05 . I have had mine for 5-6 years and couldn't be happier . One caveat however , it sounds much better in single ended than balanced . YMMV . Good luck .   
Transformer for VTL 2.5
I had the laser go out on my Cary cd player a few years ago . They wanted a ton of money to replace the cd drive . I got the drive model number , bought one on ebay and replaced myself . So yes , rewind it and not be held hostage . 
Tekton Lore S or Salk Song Towers
Hi all ! I went from Maggies and thiel's to the standard Lore . They are very dynamic ,effortless and musical . I bought them based on threads in this and other forums . Have had them for about 8 mos and my speaker and system search is over . 
Tekton Lore ...... compare with Vandy 1C
Hi all ! Have heard the Vandys many times and they are a great speaker . The Lore's , however ,are a completely different animal . More dynamic , coherant and musical to boot . Mikirob .... try your v12 with only two tubes per side , bias them at ... 
Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
Hi all ! On large scale loud stuff the Lore's are effortless. Mine are loud and clear with 15wpc . 
Explain Class A amp to non audiophile friends
Hi all ! Here is my standard driving a car , in class AB you drive around and vary speed with the gas pedal . In class A you hold the gas pedal to the floor and use the clutch to vary your speed . Not perfect , but effective . 
Analytical or Musical Which way to go?
Hi all ! One thing I have noticed.....With analytical speakers I have to play certain Cd's in my collection to make them sound good . With musical speakers all my cd's sound good . They may not all sound great but I still enjoy them .