Subwoofer & pre amp

I like JL Audio subwoofer, had F113 for a brief period and thought it was better than Rel B1 & Stadium I used to own.

I now have a pre amp with only 1 set of output; JL only takes line leve input and no speaker level input. Short of using a Y-adaptor which will degrade sound more or less, will I be better off getting a Velodyne DD or Rel again? Either one will be physically larger than JL whcih could be an issue.

This sub will be 30% music & 70% HT, I normally don't use sub for music but like to have that option.
YO can have most cable manufacturers make a cable with 2 runs, terminated at one RCA on one end and each one with an RCA at the other. A Y cable w/o the adapter. I've done it, will work just fine.
that will require buying new cables and long XLR IC are not "cheap", probably cost as much as a subwoofer.

Purist Audio sells Y-adapter for $300 and they openly admit it will degrade sound.

JL subwoofer has variable/fixed gain selection in front. According to the manual, fixed is used when volume is controlled by pre amp or processor. what about variable? my pre amp has RCA line out which has fixed output, can that be used?
Does the JL have an 'out' line level to run back to the amp?
it does, but only 1 channel. it's for connecting more than 1 sub using daisy-chain method.

even if it has stereo out, it will degrade system sound. my emphasis is on maximizing 2-ch performance, otherwise I can't justify spending the kind of money I spent on pre & power amps.

if all fails, I might even down grade to a cheap sub just for HT...
Semi- my advice would be to NOT use a Y cable of any kind. Many 2 channel preamps will exhibit crosstalk when the output is put into this sort of condition. Even tho the F113 is a very good sub, my advice would be to sell it and go back to REL. BTW - what pre-amp are you using that has only one set of outputs? Most modern pre-amps that I have seen, heard, used have at least 2.
I am using Einstein pre amp. simply the best I have owned, but it lacks many useful feature like HT bypass, 2 sets of output, or even volume setting. German likes to do things differently, form follows function at its best.

guess it's either Velodyne or REL for me?
Why dont you manufacture some resistors that goes from speaker output of amp and then to low level input on JL?
like a voltage divider or a variable pod? I will need high current resistors since it's coming from speaker terminal I assumed.

interesting suggestion, let me research into that.
Look at this
Dear Semi: ++++++ " what about variable? my pre amp has RCA line out which has fixed output, can that be used? " +++++

of course, you are " done " now.

On Velodyne against REL or what you have my vote ( IMHO ) goes to Velodyne either for music or HT.

regards and enjoy the music.
thank you Perrew, the link is very useful.

Raul, I don't quite understand your comment. Velodyne has speaker level input which solves my problem, REL is known for its sophisticated speaker level input module and I know it will blend with speaker well. but if I want to stick with JL Audio, I think I either have to create my own voltage divider or I am out of luck.
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I was suggested by others to use Bryston, Pass, or ARC active crossover, all will "add" flavor to the sound which I am trying to avoid.

I think my best bet is to make a voltage divider if I want to stick with JL Audio. life will be easier if I just go with a Velodyne DD, but it's physically much larger.
I had custom Y connectors made up and they worked fine. Cross talk is interaction between the two channels, I can't see how using a y connecter will have any effect on this at all. Think about it, if you have 2 sets of outputs on your preamp they are branched from one circuit INSIDE the preamp. The Y connecter does exactly the same thing OUTSIDE the preamp. How does the current know the difference. Before I changed anything I would consult the preamp maker and get their take. There was a previous thread on this recently, you might look at that also.

Im going to use the setup on the link with a fathom and my amp.
Use the Y connector and stop fretting. If it doesn't sound good, *then* you can start to explore other options. It'll cost you only $10 or so to find out...

Dear Semi: Dear Semi: ++++++ " what about variable? my pre amp has RCA line out which has fixed output, can that be used? " +++++

this is what you posted and that is your solution, you don't need to do anything else.

My vote for Velodyne was just in case you want to change to other sub alternative but like I told you you don't need to do nothing.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I am leaning toward building a voltage divider per Perrew's link simply because it will not alter or degrade my pre amp sound. adding a Y-splitter will change the sound for sure, I contacted Purist Audio and a pair of Y-splitters cost $300! not exactly pocket change for something I am not 100% sure will work for me.

like Stanwal said, Y-splitter will not introduce cross talk. however, it will change output impedance when I have both output hookup.
Dear Semi: Maybe I'm loosing something: you say that your F-113 has a variable/fixed gain control and that your preamp has a variable line out gain ( the normal one that goes to the main amplifier ) and a RCA fixed line out.

Why then are you looking for the " divider " when you already have what you need?:

in one " side " you have the normal output to your amplifier and in the other " side " you have that preamp fixed line out that can/could goes to the F-113 with the advantage that this fixed line out is a more " clean " signal due that does not has to pass through the volume/attenuator in the preamp like the signal that goes to the amplifier.

Now, is this what you are looking for? or like I say: I'm missing on the whole subject. Coul you tell me?, I appreciate that.

Thank you in advance.

Regards and enjoy the music.

I have only 1 set of pre out from my pre amp, the other two outputs are all line out which is fixed in output.

JL F113 has both fixed and variable input, but variable does not mean I can feed it with line out from my pre amp as I will need to adjust volume on JL F113 for every piece of music. not a pratical solution.

my best option is to build a voltage divider and feed JL F113 directly from my power amps, there are no other alternatives unless I use a Y-adapter.
Dear Simi: I see, thank you.

regards and enjoy the music.
My Preamp has 2 sets of outputs. I am also using a JL F-113 with it. The sub is an awesome unit.

Anyway, consult the manufacturer of your preamp. I would say though unless your preamp is a tube unit , using an external Y connection should be fine.
The Rel does both, go back to the Rel.