Strobe question

Maybe this is obvious, but I have a speed disk to put on my TT for use with the VPI SDS, but what light source do you use to check accuracy? Do I go to Radio Shack or someplace and get a strobe light? Are their choices?
I think all you need to use is a standard 60Hz bulb. I use a portable work light similar to one that you use for car repairs. Just make sure it is 60Hz if you are in the USA, not he newer LED type.
I got mine in Home Depot...Its an AmerTac model 73068 night light. I plug it into an extension cord and am able to place it right over the VPI stob disc spinning on the turntable. Works great. I think it was about 5 dollars.
you need a "neon" lamp or maybe an old style flourescent. Small voltage test lamps (neon) should be only a small cost item. All lightbulbs are 60hz, or dc, operated with the proper voltage, but only the neon or an old style flourescent which causes the light to flash (you won't see the flashing) will cause the lines of the strobe to stand still. New style CFL don't use 60hz output to operate. I'm not sure about trying to use an automotive timing light because you have the need of a triggering voltage.
I use a cheap GE light stick, an under-counter flourescent fixture that's small enough to hand-hold. Cost me $10 (at most) from Home Depot.

I emphasize cheap because, as others have noted, the light must flicker with the mains frequency (60 Hz in the USA) or the strobe effect won't happen. Some costly fixtures include capacitors or other devices to reduce flicker. That makes for nicer lighting (some people CAN see 60 Hz flicker) but it also makes them useless for strobe testing.
Thanks, All.

I have CFL lighting in my room, so that explains why I don't see any strobe effect. I'll try it with a plain incandescent and/or a strobe I have already!

Appreciate the help!
incandescent will not work, as others said or implied.
IF you can find a light which runs on battery power, it will not be effected by the fluctuating AC line and should provide a more accurate reading. Also if your strobe disk is small enough, you should try to play a dynamic LP as you are checking for speed by placing the stylus in the outer grooves. This will allow you to account for stylus drag.

I use the KAB strobe which works as described above, but it is expensive and some report not quite as accurate as the Timeline.
I had the same problem when I first got the SDS. I found the VPI supplied strobe disc useless. It was not flat, not round, and fluorescent light hardly worked with it. I got a KAB SpeedStrobe and problem solved. It's $100, but hassle free and simply an essential accessory with the SDS.