VPI Scout finish question

I'm getting ready to paint my son's car within the next 2 weeks. I think I want to PAINT my mat black finish on my Scout something REALLY nice and shinny. My question is can the pebble grain finish be sanded super smooth???? Is it an applied finish that is will not hold paint? I DON'T care about resale...this will leave my house when they carry me out feet first.
Have you considered the change in sonic attributes from applying a different paint/finish on the Scout? :-)
it can be done. email the owner of this table:

With several coats of primer which are sanded each time then several coats of heavy gloss color followed by several coats of clear high gloss. Why not. What color/s are you thinking of? Jaguar F1 colors call Uncle Kevin or the rumored to be retired Dennis Had. Lambo Yellow? True piano gloss black call Steinway and sons. Or best of all get a local tatto artist with an airbrush to do anything you want.
I cannot help but think that maybe you could build a new plinth, keeping the original as is. It is just painted MDF after all. That way you can keep your rig running until it is done! Possibly try out other materials as well.