$2500 amp question

Just purchased a Integra 80.3 pre/pro to replace my broken 9.8 pre/pro (getting demoted to the bedroom) & with the 9.2 surround that my wife insists I use I am one amp short and do not know what to get. Presently we have 4 Parasouns HCA-1500's presently running 5.2 surround. The front mains are the old infinity kappa 8.1's which really sound a lot better being bi-amped.

Any suggestions on which amp I should look at/buy? I have been debating on trying a digital amp but have never heard one, any thought is a wyred 4 sound amp would work well with my speakers? I would be iterested in their the 1000w monoblocks (thus the $2500 max price) or the $2K stereo amp. Are two mono amps that much better then a single stereo amp?

Any other brands I should consider? Local store sells Bryston & has nothing but excellent things to say about them, it's just I would have to get a 10-20yr old Bryston amp.... vs something newer.

Personnal since you are running Kappas and my experience with Kappa 7's I once owned is that they were hard to drive. I found that by adding a McIntosh MC352 with autoformers that the speakers really came to life in all the suffering areas I had been experiencing with previous amps. I see a MC352 listed at recycled_audio here on AudioGon right now that may be the ticket. This is just my experience and I am sure you will get many suggestions, but I really felt the Autoformers acted as a buffer between the amplifier stage and speakers.
I looked at the MC352 & it's more then I can swing. $2500 is the max I can do, I think that was close to $4K or something like that

thanks for the input though.... yea not the easiest speakers to drive...
I think he was asking 2900 he is negotiable.
Parasound Halo A21 should get the job done nicely!