Stand mount choice

I'm looking to replace my Tannoy DC10T with a good stand mount for around $3500.
I've been in correspondence with Tim from My Audio Design & he states the 1920S will outperform the DC10T which I'm struggling to understand especially in the low end. 
Another contender is the Dynaudio Contour S 1.4LE. 

Any of you guys have other suggestions which I may have not considered?


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I 2nd the Dynaudio!! If you have the power, go for it!! They are very well built and will last you a very long time.

Matt M
Matt,  what do you like about the Contour S 1.4LE? 
In your budget range the Reference 3A DeCapo BE would be at the top of my list.
I have owned Audience 42 & 52SE’s,Focus 140’s, just bought new Excite X14’s & a few years ago demo’d the C1.4’s.To me the bigger speakers,even in medium sized rooms that bordered on large seemed boomy in the bass no matter where I placed them & with the ports plugged seemed to loose something in the upper mids.
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Yes the Reference 3A DeCapo appear to be a good option but I'd really like the Reflector! 

Any of you guys own Tekton speakers? 
I'll add another for the De Capo

i run mine with 4 watts and plenty loud  good bass clean detailed
I loved my DC8Towers, was a bit conceded the DC10 with the 10" woofers would be to heavy in the bass. If you like your mid range you might consider the DC8's 
There is a pair of Wilson Benesch ARC's for sale on agon. They are awesome. 
Have you considered the Aerial Acoustics 5t ?
My local retailer has some mint pre-owned piano black (discontinued finish) De Capos that would be in my house if I was looking for some stand mounts. 
Thanks for your input guys.

theothergreg - how much is your retailer charging & would he ship to the UK?!

I believe they were priced at US$2,200 with stands. I need to talk to him about a new cart I have coming today in so I’ll ask him about shipping if you are still interested.
I spoke with him and he would be ok with shipping to the UK if you are willing to pay for it (said it shouldn't be too much). If you would like his contact information, please send me a message and I’ll get it to you.