speakers for low level listening

I am looking for some speakers to use when listening at night or any other time I dont want to disturb others. My main speakers are PSB Stratus Gold, but they don't quite do what I want when listening at low levels. I'd like something that is still dynamic at low levels, something that still gets you going, not something that sounds like background muzak. Stand mount fine.
I listen exclusively to vinyl, system is on this site. Any recommendations in the under 5k range?
One of the biggest misconceptions about horn speakers is that they only play loud. They are actually equally good on the very soft end. Of course, if you are looking for something small, then horns won't fill that bill.
For me horns are the better loudspeakers at low volume levels. I have a few systems the ones with horns I can hear full sound at very low volume levels. The horns controlled radiation pattern allows sound to be less effected by room. Maybe consider a Altec EV or JBL horn system.
This came up a few months back you may want to search the archives

Most people think of the Quad ESL when considering low volume listening
My Volent VL-2 is great at low volume...
I had Zu Superflys in my home for several days. I found I liked them best for low level listening - really superb. Low level volume but still able to portray all of the recording, great dynamics, clear. If I only listened at lower levels I would have seriously considered keeping them.
Another vote for the Quad ESL's.
Triangle Cometes have been in my bedroom system for years.
Great at low volumes.
02-28-12: Rockadanny
"I had Zu Superflys in my home for several days. I found I liked them best for low level listening - really superb."

I'm not surprised. I had Zu Omens, and have Tekton Lores now. Both are what I thought of first when I read low level listening.

Horns - I would say it depends on the design. A couple of guys say yes above, but I used to own Klipschorns and I say no. It took a little more than low level volume for them to start to sound full to me in my room.
Vienna Acoustics Beethovens, these baby's put me in the room with the performers. really, better than my KEF 105/3R's but the VA's won't blow the roof off. any VA offering will stand on it's own at moderate levels. check em out.