In my bedroom I am running a YAQIN 110B tube integrated amp with built in headphone amp. I am using upgraded Gold Lion kt88 tubes. Output is APX 50 watts per channel. The source is a Marantz SA8004 super audio cd player.
I just love the sound of this system using my Sennheiser HD650 headphones.
The sound coming from my speakers is not as good.
The speakers I am using are Pioneer SPB-S22 speakers.
I would like to get a pair of speakers with the same type of sound signature as the Sennheiser headphones I am using. What is your suggestion for new speakers? Will spend up to $1000.

not sure it is POSSIBLE to have the "same sonic signature" in speakers as headphones as they present sound in a totally different manner. also in a bedroom I ASSume there will be some compromises to be made in WHERE speakers can be positioned.

that said, the best I have found for MY bedroom is either wall mount speakers or omni directional models. specifically the ACI Sapphire wall mount or AV123 X-Omni
I also would say that it is very hard to approximate a "headphone Sound Signature" in a dynamic room speaker, and almost certainly not at $1K with the furniture a bedroom has in it. None the less If I were you I would listen to as many speakers as I could, to get an idea of what is available, at what price, and size etc.
That said,you may want to try a panel speaker with a sub woofer, to approximate a Sennheiser sound. I own HD 700s which I understand are much less bassy than the 650s.
I'm very familiar with the Sennheiser sound over the years. Have heard the 650s. I currently have a half dozen or so phones (2 Sennheiser) and same # of speakers.

OHM Walsh speaker sound and Sennheiser phones have similarities in regards to coherency, tonality and not overly bright, ie non-fatiguing. OHM Micro Walsh used would come in under $1000. Totem Arro is another speaker I have heard that comes to mind.
Do you have a main system that you could put the Yaqin temporarily to evaluate with some different and possibly better speakers? I have a Yaqin MC-30L paired with Focal 836v speakers. I would anticipate them being an excellent match with a Focal bookshelf speakers, but have not had the chance to try it.
Very Good Suggestion Mceljo,

The Focal 706V look like they might be a good match and very efficient...
90Db sensitivity.

Many thanks
My father-in-law has a pair of 706v speakers and I really enjoy listening to them. They are powered by an Onkyo 606 that I gave him. I have wanted to hook them to my Yaqin and see how they sound. I have heard them in the store powered by Krell monoblocks and the difference was pretty significant.

Nice to see that there are some other Yaqin lovers out there... I just love listening to my Yaqin through the headphones at night..

UPDATE: I am auditioning the Wave Touch Grand Teton's ... a local company in Downtown Los Angeles. The owner of this company (Alex) brought them to my house and helped me set them up. A very nice gentleman. He told me to listen to them for a month and If I did not like them to bring them back. I thought I would give them a try since there was no risk. I have been listening to them for several hours now. So far my impressions are they are Very, Very smooth sounding. The sound is very detailed but not in the least bit harsh. It's just like listening to the music with my Sennheiser 650 HD headphones but seems much more accurate. Piano and acoustic guitars are amazingly life like. These speakers seem to really draw me into the music and stop listening to the speaker. I will let them break in for a few days and report back my findings.

Focals are quite good (I've owned the former and have heard both). My vote goes to Triangle - their Titus or Comete monitors are way underpriced.

Looking forward to hearing your impressions of the Wavetouches.
One of these days, maybe not too far off I will acquire a retro looking tube integrated similar to Yaqin for my Triangle Titus XS just to try something different and to help loosen these little guys up a bit running in my wife's 12X12 cathedral ceiling sunroom. I think a small but decent quality tube amp will be just what the doctor ordered for those.

When alex brought the speakers over last night he told me they were very sensitive to placement.. We messed around with the positioning a bit but did not have much to work with because I was putting them in a bedroom with limited space and too much furniture. The best I could do was to get them one foot from the back and side walls. There is a dresser partially sticking out in front of one speaker. We toed them in and out until we found what sounded best.

Alex told me he ran them for 14 hours before bringing them over but said they would need additional time to open up. Last night I played them for 8 hours straight. Around 2 Am the soundstage opened up ..... wide open like someone turned on a switch. I could tell these speakers were very special but I felt they needed more room around them to really hear what they sound like. ( I have owned Magnepan 1.6's in the past .. same issue) So for fun I moved the speakers and stands to the short wall of the bedroom and moved some furniture out of the way and placed them 2 feet from the back and side walls. Then I put a chair about 8 feet back. Oh My! These speakers are VERY SPECIAL. The sound was a big and wide as a floor standing speaker. The tone of the instruments is so correct and compelling that you immediately stop listening to the speakers and just listen to the music. The speakers just disappears and the music just comes out in layers. I could identify exactly what each instrument was in a second. I think these speakers are best suited for Jazz, Blues, Folk and Classical... Maybe not the best choice for Rock....If you get a chance to listen to them give them a try. I think they every bit as good as my Magnepan 1.6's were but much better with tone of the instruments then the Maggies. I don't think these are going to work for me in the only place I have for them in the bedroom and right now I am not sure where I am going to put them... But I can assure you they won't be going back to Alex... They are just very, very enjoyable speakers.

Call Walter at Underwood Hi Fi and buy a pair of Peachtree D5's. They are $999 and just a perfect speaker for the price.

I'm using an SA8004 in one of my systems - nice deck.
I've read some good reports on the Peachtree D5 speakers. Supposedly very good with decent bass.

Seattle Mike, I think you once had a pair of the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 speakers. How do they compare to the Peachtree D5s?
I had the d5's in my bedroom very nice speakers for what I paid for them.
I really like my Tekton 6.5t speakers. Unfortunately, he is not making them any more. Maybe you can get them used or ask him to make a custom order? The rest would go towards quality stands. I like them for monitors as they are lively and sound good 12" away from the back wall.
The Grand Tetons are 2x your original budget...

The Tekton 6.5ts were $600 new.