Speaker stands for Reference 3A De Capo i

I need to buy speaker stands for my new Reference 3A De Capo i. I saw that many brands like Atlantis or Lovan have two talls: 24" or 28". Which one I must buy ?
Please let me know your experience.
28 inches is generally to tall for most bookshelf speakers. You generally want the tweeter at ear level.
I would experiment with different heights to find the best one. Sometimes, slightly above ear level sounds better, depending on the vertical dispersion characteristics of your speaker. Also, I recommend spending money on the heaviest and most solid stands you can afford. IMHO, monitors need to be firmly anchored to the floor with heavy stands and sometimes weighted on top unless the monitors are heavy themselves. Just my experience.....good luck!
check out www.skylanstands.com where they have made custom stands for many speakers including yours. They offer standard sizes as well and I can say that I have always been very pleased with what they have built for me and no I don't own the company...
I have the DeCapo-i and I use a stand that is 24". However, I have found that the speaker is better at about 26" and, to achieve this height, I have put my stands/speakers on 2" thick would blocks. This seems to work just fine. I believe the Reference 3A manufacturer, Divergent Tech, recommends a height of 26 to 28 inches. Of course, the height of your speaker stand will influenced by the height of your listening chair.
The De Capo's have incredible bass when placed on the right stands. I pine after a pair of Partington Super Dreadnought stands, but they are only available in the UK. Currently use 24 inch B&W stands lead filled.
I did a search one time regarding monitor stands and one of the names which seemed to come up most often as the best is Osiris. The Osiris looks to be built like a tank. Whatever you decide, make sure that they are heavy metal with hopefully the option to fill with lead buckshot or sand to add further to the weight as well as provide dampening effects. The extra weight also helps when toddlers and pets or maids bump into the stands. Good luck.

P.S. I just found a bargain on this website for a pair of Lovan stands for only $99.00, and that includes free shipping. I liked the deal so much for my bedroom monitors that I ordered a pair for myself for Christmas. Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus...

If you choose to go with a budget stand, the high mass stand from PartsExpress is pretty good too. I think they still sell for $99 and they use a thick steel plate on the top and bottom and have a single thick/heavy fillable post.


You have many good options already above, I'll add one more, I use a little known stand that I'm thrilled with. They're very solid/heavy cast iron top/bottom plate, well made and reasonably priced. http://www.ohiovalleyaudio.com/classic_toys_007.htm
I'm kind of reviving this thread because I just took delivery of a new pair of De Capo iA's and need stands for them. I have a pair of Osiris metal stands, sand filled. They are very solid and heavy. Their top plate was the perfect size for my Ref 3a Dulcets but will be a bit small for the De Capo's.
Does that matter? If so, any current stand suggestions?

In general, if stand platform is large enough to support >50% of the speaker base size, and the stands provide a solid massive foundation in addition, I would expect good results.

Did you or will you be selling the smaller Refs?
I don't own a pair, but have been researching and I think these would work quite well


Good to hear from you.

Reference 3A has a deal going. When you buy direct from them, you get six months to apply the full price of your purchase to upgrade in their line. That's what I did; they deducted the full price of my Dulcets from the De Capo's.
Reb, sounds like a good deal! Hope it works out. Keep us posted?
You bet.
Congrats on the speakers. Always wanted to hear some Ref 3As but haven't as of yet. Are you still looking for stands or are you going to use your Osiris (that's what I'd do unless they just aren't the right height)?
Core Audio adjustable stands, 22"-29", are excellent a are very stable and much more attractive than Skylan and Sound Anchor which are both excellent brands as well. Granite and very attractive wood finishes. I was worried about the stability of an adjustable height stand, but they have proved to be rock solid. With the Core Audio you also have the choice of two different size top plates for an extra twenty something dollars.

For the time being I'm going to try my Osiris stands. I should be getting my speaks set up over the next few days and I'll see how they do. The Osiris stands are rock solid. With their (enormous) spikes in place, the top plate sits at about 26" from the floor, which is exactly the height recommended by Ref 3A when the speakers are on a carpeted surface (my room has an area rug). Over an uncarpeted floor, they recommend 28" height. By my rough calculations, there should be 1.5 to 1.75 inches of speaker overhang around the four sides of the speaker base, relative to the stand top plate.

Eventually, I may try a height-adustable stand. My listening seat is atypically tall. My listening room doubles as a guest bedroom and I sit on a day bed as my listening chair. Ref 3A makes height adjustable stands. The Core design stands look really beautiful, it's true, but they're a little beyond my budget.