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Monitor Audio Silver 100 New 7G
Svs, Rel, or ?.
I got the SVS Micro 3000 after my beloved sub from MJ Acoustics died, which was a very musical sub. The SVS is very capable of moving air so don't let its small size fool you. The SVS has a really cool phone app that makes dialing in the sub easy.  
Svs, Rel, or ?.
I just got a SVS Micro 3000 and love it esp the phone app.  
mac mini into a hires streamer
I think I am buying a new MAC Mini and my dac is a new NuPime SAC-9. 
Elac Debut Reference DB62's
Yes once the Elacs are broken in I will compare them to JBL Studio 530s and Sonis Faber Venere 1.5s 
Elac Debut Reference DB62's
Standmounts: Sonus Faber Venere 2.0 Opinions?
This is the review that made me purchase the 1.5's.http://the-ear.net/review-hardware/sonus-faber-venere-15-25-loudspeaker  
Power strip for sequenced preamp/amp turn on and turn off?
I have tried the APC on every amp I have owned since getting it, Everything From a Rogues Tempest III to a Roksan Caspian MKII. It killed dynamics on  every amp so I bought a Pi Audio Groups Uberbuss which doesn't limit current. 
Power strip for sequenced preamp/amp turn on and turn off?
My APC which I now just use it for video not audio because it kill dynamics on amps and subs. 
Lansing, Michigan
Any interest in joining a club?Tom 
Power amp suggestions for Peachtree & Triangle
They were designed on tubes so why not go with what Triangle uses? 
Velodyne only sub with remote volume control?
MJ Acoustics does too. 
Blu Ray and external DAC's
Thanks for the ideas but I tried these already and even called Pioneer to verify that I wasn't missing anything. 
Blu Ray and external DAC's
Pioneer Elite BDP-52F 
Blu Ray and external DAC's
RL,The problem I am experiencing is the player can't be set to output stereo instead it outputs what the DVD or Blu Ray comes with. Most of the time its Dolby 5.1 and I only have 2 ch no HT. So its not the best for watching movies so I thought may...