Speaker Recommendation

Hi guys, I'm looking for some stereo floor-standing speakers that pairs well with a 40 watt per channel (into 8Ω) otl amp. My plan is for them to be mixed use between music and movies. My budget is around 1000-1500 dollars; I don't mind if the speakers are new or used. I'll be sitting around 10 feet away from the speakers. I'm using an avr as a preamp so I may decide to add a powered subwoofer as well. What do you guys recommend? 
Both the Sonus Fabor and JBL seem like low sensitivity speakers. Do you think the 40 watts can handle them?
You are right to question proto55, 40 watts and 90dB is nuts. What you want is more like 96-98, then you will be fine. Tekton Lore Reference is 96dB, 8ohms, and on sale now $825. https://tektondesign.com/product/full-range-speakers/mid-towers/lore-reference/#color  The Perfect SET would probably be perfect with your amp but a little over your budget. https://tektondesign.com/product/full-range-speakers/full-towers/the-perfect-set/#color  

Between these two I would study the reviews, maybe even call Eric, but pretty sure one or the other of these is the way to go.
40 watts with 90dB is just fine.

Geez.  For a while I was driving 86dB with a 60W integrated, just fine (though evidently not optimal).

Oh, and my advice, avoid speaker brands beginning with T.
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Alright, what do you guys think about the Tannoy Revolution XT 6F? There seems to be a decent pair for a reasonable price near me. Recommended amp power is well within the 25-100 watt range.

I used a 35wpc amp with my Silverlines with good results. However my speakers are 93.5db efficient. I WOULD NOT go lower than that. No way, no how.
SAY NO to the Tannoys. That is sales speak. They are still 90db which will not be enough IME You NEED at least 94db IMO, Unless you never plan on cranking the volume
This is worth considering. In stock. On sale, free shipping, 60 days to try. $75 to return.
Compared to other suggestions, this is very low risk to try.

Other deals take longer or cost more to try. (Tektons currently taking 12 weeks to build and ship. Purchaser pays full return shipping costs.) You could simply try something from Crutchfield first.
my advice, avoid speaker brands beginning with T.

Alright, what do you guys think about the Tannoy?

I interpreted that as veiled advise to avoid tekton. I'm not sure why I'd need to avoid every single manufacturer that begins with the letter T. 

Apologies. They still carry the 40i model, but it's $1082 each at scratch and dent. Very well reviewed. I've heard and really like the 60xti version and it plays well with lower watt amps.
I suspect the ML's speed would lend itself nicely to HT and listening.

Also worth a look:
92 db 2 week trial: https://tmraudio.com/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/paradigm-premier-800f-floorstanding-speakers-80...
q -- where were we before dannie richie came along to point out how crappy our expensive speakers are, and how they were in dire need of him making them right

a -- doing just fine thank you 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Snag those tekton lores with the be tweeter.  Those tweets alone are $300 a piece.  The tektons will pair well with what you have.

they’ll be gone soon i bet, dont sleep on em