Speaker Cables Upgrade - Which Ones?

I'm upgrading my speaker cable for my Harbeth C7es-3 speakers. My power amp would be Pass Labs XA30.5.

Not sure it it matters but my pre-amp could be one of these: Audio Research LS 26, Ref 3, CJ ET 3, Leben CS28, Pass Labs XP10.

I'm looking for tight, dynamic bass, neutral/slight warm and medium to full body mid range and extended/smooth treble.

What cables would you recommend? My budget would be around 1k - new or used. What about Audience 24e, Cardas, Auditorium 23, Purist Audio, Acoustic Zen Sologram II? How do they compare in terms of 'sound'?

I appreciate your feedbacks.
Cardas and Purist both have a warm midrange and weighty bottom end, slightly rolled off up top. Not a good match for Harbeth.

Audience and Auditorium are pretty much the opposite, lean through the mids and bottom with an open detailed top end. Of the two I prefer Auditorium as it is more refined. But best suited if you are using a tube power amp.

AZ is a nice neutral cable, my preference for SS power.

I have used them all with Harbeth C7s.
Per Alan Shaw:

Harbeth speakers do not need fancy cable. Anything available that is reasonably thick will work OK. 5A electrical flex will get you going. Simple, un-cool standard flex is all you need. Avoid exotic cables with strange electrical characteristics.

You will note that despite numerous requests over the years Harbeth does not 'make' fancy speaker cable. I've been told that we could 'charge what we like - if it has the Harbeth name on it people with queue up for it at any price'. So why haven't we offered it? We just don't believe in it.
I was very impressed by Tellurium Q black speaker cables. A ten foot length cost $500, and their claim to fame is in their clarity. I did feel I could hear lyrics better. Not easy to find, but it looks like 300 ohm antenna cable--thin and flat. I would still use it but I need 8 meters of cable now and I ordered River Cable. We will see.
Alan Shaw is not an audiophile, not by any stretch. And yet, somehow he manages to design some pretty darn good speakers.
Transparent Audio, because that brand would allow you to grow up the line and get cash toward your upgrade. Secondly, once you get to the Reference level, your cables are tuned to match the impedance of your gear. There is no other company I know that customizes cabling to fit your needs. Finally, they sound heavenly.
I would speak with Gene Rubin for a recommendation. He has been a Harbeth dealer for many years and has an impeccable reputation for honesty and recommending high-value products.
04-25-13: Chayro
I would speak with Gene Rubin for a recommendation. He has been a Harbeth dealer for many years and has an impeccable reputation for honesty and recommending high-value products.

That is a great suggestion!
Usedcables.com has a lending library, which'll allow you to try any of the cables in inventory before purchasing.
I spoke with Gene Rubin who recommended the LFD Hybrid speaker cables. Unfortunately, the LFD only comes with banana plugs but the Pass Labs XA30.5 takes spades only.

I guess I'll have to look elsewhere. Also, I realize that Auditorium 23 cables come with bananas only.

Clear Day. Read the threads here. They are indeed that good and you can try before you buy.
AZ hologram II, excellent with harbeth,
Had tried many including Nordost LS RD
Cardas etc,
Using them with Luxman 550 AII
Harbeth C7es3.
I checked LFD's website. The cable only comes with banana plugs fro the factory. I just don't want it to be re-terminated not by the manufacturer.
I would try the cables Thesaint519 recommened!, I may like my cables better, all in all, Transparent is a great product, really, my second favorite cable company!, you cannot go wrong here, forreal!,,,Cheers!
RO817 - Cardas makes a very good banana to spade adaptor if you decide to go with LFD.
Chayro, great suggestion. My reservations about adapter is that it may not be the same material (including the solder) as the factory termination, which may impact the sound. With the factory termination, you know exactly what you're getting. That's just a personal peeve though. Still a great suggestion.
To GREH OR OTHERS, Can you tell me what makes the Clearday speaker cables so special??. I tried the single shotgun(OR regular) SPEAKER CABLE iT IS JUST OK. I have also read that the Double Shotgun is MUCH better in the various AG threads. Is that true or just hype??

So please someone tell me what makes them better. I have to buy a 12 ft pair for my current set-up and every freakin foot costs. BTW, how might they compare to the new ANTI CABLE LEVEL 3 speaker cables, I HAVE HEARD SO MUCH ABOUT. I CAN NOT MESS AROUND WITH A CABLE THAT IS AS FLEXIBLE AS A COAT HANGER, AND HAS TO BE RESHAPED TO FIT THE INSTALLATION.
For the money, anti-cables are pretty good. I used them after I sold my MIT Orae V2.1s, and while I awaited he arrival ofy Analysis Plus Big Silver Ovals. I've since upgraded to Transparent Reference cabling. But the anti-cables served me well in the meantime.