which amp to best drive big ML's?

Hey now...

I've narrowed down to two amps to drive my pending Martin Logans (SL3 or Quest). Both of which (i think) are 4ohm and have a max range of 200w (on paper).

My two choices thus far are;
mccormack DNA-1
B&K ST-2140 or ST-202

Now, the DNA-1 is rated at 185w @ 8ohm so i'm sure its pumping out a ton at 4ohm.
the B&K 202 is 150w, and the 2140 is 140w. I'm sure both are over 200w (but not over 300w) at 4ohm.

any insight as to which would drive these big MLs best?
I have heard the DNA-1 plenty, and love it. I've been running an older B&K amp and I like the mosfet sound so I assume the other two models i'm pondering will sound similar yet better.

I also know that a good amp is important for speakers like these. I'm just wondering if something that pushes 300w at 4ohm is going to be too much? I tend to lean on the volume occasionaly.

if the B&Ks will do it justice, i'm inclined to go that direction as I can save considerable money and know I love that sound all ready.

opinions welcome!
Not realy 4Ohm or 3Ohm is the major problem of ML-s. Their problem is in upper range where impedance sometimes jumps to 35Ohms!
I'd suggest combining in bi-amp setup tube and SS amps together.
I would recommend you look at the ML website for information about the impedance variations by frequency of the different models. You might also try the comments of Martin Logan reviewers in the archives.

"Too much power" should not really be an issue (I drove mine with 250-400W amps) unless you are looking to do outdoor parties for a hundred people (in which case, get some old JBLs). The amp's ability to drive the speakers could be an issue. MLs are not terribly easy on amps, and if set up correctly (Placement! Placement! Placement!), they will teach you things about your amp you didn't know before. I personally decided I liked tubes in the chain with them.

FWIW, I believe the impedance on SL3 actually drops to a very low level at the top end of the audible (or inaudible) range - 1 or 1.2 ohm for the SL3s.

Good luck!