Speaker Cable Suggestion

I'm building my new hifi system. Currently includes a pair of B&W 804s, a Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated as well as the matching CD player.

Does anyone have any suggestions for potential speaker cable that would match best? The interconnect should be changed soon as well.

My idea would be the golden cross serie from Cardas or the neutral reference.

Any other suggestions?

Depnds on what you're willing to spend, but for the price it is hard to beat an Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 Veracity. Get the zobel network built into them and get a set of their jumpers. All told you'll spend about $300.

If you want to go higher, I have had good luck with FIM/CRL cables. You'll have to find these used though. Even though CRL is back in business they are not using the same sourced cable as the original design. These will run you about $500 or so used.

I've had Virtual Dynamics Master 2.0 cables of late and they are a fine cable if you can get them used, about $900. They didn't work for me in my system, but overall they are a good quality cable that are great sounding

A couple cables I'm considering trying out are the Zu Cable Ibis and Ridge Street Audio Design Poemia!!!. I've never had silver speaker cables in my system and so I figured I might as well give them a listen. I have been very happy with my Poemia!!! interconnects and Robert is a good guy. Adam at Zu usually has some auctions running where you can get pretty good deals on the Zu cables.
Nice to see you're still singing the praises of Goertz MI-2, Clio! Those are still the buy of the century, IMHO.

Obviously I second your recommendation.

I might also suggest the 'Lending Library' over at the Cable Company. Take some of the suggestions you get from this thread and from searching the archives and then give them a call. It's a tremendous advantage to be able to try out a number of cables to see which you prefer without getting a second mortgage.
I would suggest cables from Empirical Design. I ran Ridge Street Pioma!, Wireworld Polaris and, for a long while, Audience Au24 and found the ED cables to be superior in every respect. Detail without being tipped up or harsh. Holographic imaging and great reproduction of acoustic venue. Give Karl a call--he is knowledgeable, sincere and completely devoid of BS. He makes all types of cables, uses top quality connectors and dresses everything beautifully. Best of all, his cables won't break the bank. He offers a money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. I wrote a review here on the A'gon which was also posted on Audio Asylum. With the recent reviews in Tone Audio I think you will be hearing more of this company.
Honestly I have used Phoenix Golds wich are cheap as dirt all copper and they work well with a bright system.These are biwire. We had a shoot out and they won handily.The Cardas Cross which is the lower end of the Cardas line will still cost you a fortune .. The neutral refs are not going sound like the typical cardas and won't be warm.BTW the Phoenix Golds are a Carver product, I am not a Carver lover but these are very good.Quest for sound will make any length you want, he's an agon dealer.
Buy the 10 gauge Belden 5000 series Cable from Blue Jeans Cable. Don't get the four wire set-up.

You can outfit your system for about $50, including the gold plated locking banana plugs.

This wire sounds every bit as good in my system as the spendy cable it replaced! Put your money elsewhere.
make an effort to get a biwire version of whatever speaker cable you end up with. B&Ws like to be biwired.
Cables that worked really good with my N803s were Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun, Audience AU24(bit less bass impact though), Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator, Purist Audio Aqueous 20th Anniversary. Avoid lean sounding cables and ones that roll of lows and emphasize highs. Try to find a cables that is most equally balanced...I know this is tough.
The Cardas you mentioned should be good, but I would recommend AZ Satori Shotgun instead, with matching AZ Matrix Reference MkII interconnects. All can be bought here used and are really good value. Just my opinion.
DH Labs Q10, or if your budget allows, Revelation Audio Labs
REally depends ontsate and what equipment needs are.I always liked Cardas to remove edge from Krell but freind at company (I sold thier gear for a few years) told me that for a PC Belden worked fine.Other amps can really have sound affected by PPC.IC's,speaker cables.Interesing that manufaturer I respect Mappleshade say's longer not shorter is better with speaker cables.Thier Omega Mikro hig end series are delicate but goo stuff.Yes I like Nordost,Goertz,and Transparent but in the main many folks go over 5% or total sysem, budget and miss out on better speakers,aplification sources to afford it.Cables aren't the cake,thier not the icing,their the sprinkles.Lending libraray is a good idea.By and large I respect manufacturers of all equipment like Rogue,Quicksliver,Totem,etc that offer high bang for the buck and with cables I think that Kimber 8TC is a fine inexpensive cable hat does no insult anyones intelligence.
I've had quite a number of ic's and spkr. cable in my system over the years.
The cabling I'm using now which I really like is Gregg Straley's Reality Cables.
They provide a good, balanced presentation across the audio spectrum.
They don't veil the sound, roll off the highs or over emphasize any portion of the musical presentation-and believe me, there's a lot of "well known" cables out there that do just that.
Reviews here on Agon and there's a home audition available.
Good Luck!
Can't speak to the Golden Cross (can't afford it either for that matter), but the Cardas Cross single-wire was a bad match in my system. System being Musical Fidelity A5 separates, Jolida cd player, Monitor Audio Gold Ref 20's. I'm using Harmonic Technology Fantasy bi-wire right now and have been quite content with it but will probably audition other possibilities sometime down the road. A JPS Digital power cord made for a surprisingly nice improvement in sound for the Jolida. Definitely a keeper. Interconnects/pcs are a fun experiment-in-progress mix of HT and JPS.
Audience AU24's are the best cable I've tried in my system, they have bested Alpha Core M-2 (very good), 8TC, Kimber monocle X and XL, Nirvana SL (very good), MIT 750 Shotgun, MIT Magnum M2.

I have heard others having issues with bass but with Thiels this is not an issue for me. They are the most balanced among the brands I've tried in my system, I can't find a flaw.
Save yourself some time and money. Get the audio metallurgy
gold reference speaker cables and ga-0 interconnects (just reviewed in stereotimes)they're probably the most neutral cables out there. I auditioned them in my system side by side against the cardas golden reference cables and they smoked the cardas as well as harmonic technology magic ones and synergistic research resolution reference.5's
Eee3, Synergistic Research resolution reference.5??? That is old technology. Synergistic has improved significantly since then. Their new line of Tesla cables are new technology. They have a Tesla challenge against any other cable. Borrow from The Cable Company and see for yourself. I did and now prefer Synergistic Research over any other cable.
Soon will be at three year anniversary using Straley's Reality IC's and speaker cable, from Realitycables.com
Their value for a reasonable price continues to be so impressive that not restless to replace in the systems where being used. The OFC RCA connector option is recommended to elevate performance of this design.
This is wiring allowing every nuance of a recording to be heard, and this unveiling of even minute details contributes to the illusion of being physically and emotionally closer to the performers.
I am one who finds there is synergy when using IC's, and speaker cable of similar capabilities from one manufacturer.
Thank you all for your suggestions! I'll need to do some research about the choices you have suggested me.

I'll definitively go for a bi-wired speaker cable, and probably try to find a cable that will match with the brightness of the MF.

Thanks again for your help.

Regarding Bi-Wire..the benefits of biwire are almost completely removed when you use wire that's jacketed together. You must have 4 seperate cables for best results. I don't know why anyone would choose expensive cables like Purist, et al, when Anti-Cables are a much better value and are better sounding as well.