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Warm sounding power cord for for CD player to suppress digital glare on vocals.
Its not a good thing to use cables as correction tools....just get a better CD player. 
Parasound Halo JC-1 for Thiel CS 5i
JC 1 would be MY recommendation.  
Phoenix Engineering speed control
I agree with sbank....its a ground problem. If you use a cheater, only use it to confirm a ground issue...don’t keep it in the system....they ruin the sound. Use a voltmeter to see that all wall plugs are wired correctly. This can be very tricky t... 
Cost no Object but Small Room
OOPS - The web site for headphones is Headphones.com - the place is Headroom. Sorry 
Cost no Object but Small Room
Here's another way to go. Get a dedicated headphone amp,and the best earphones and you will have sound that's better than any speaker you can put in that room. Check out Headroom.com for great advice. If you want music without headphones, almost a... 
Are the Nitty Gritty vacuum cleaners...
I have a Nitty Gritty made from Kokolobo wood. It works well and looks beautiful. VPI's look much more industrial. I think they clean the same 
Best of the Gliders, or?
When I upgraded to the Benz Ebony, it was a jaw dropping difference. Squeeze out as much as you can and get the highest performing cartridge you can possibly get. You will enjoy the upgrade for many years. 
Ground Hum
Try turning the power plug 180 degrees...use a cheater if you need to. Sometimes the hum comes from the 3rd pin - eliminate that for further experimentation. 
How to tell if lp is recorded with phase reversed?
If the singer (soloist) comes from between the 2 speakers its in phase. If the soloist is difussed and no where in particular, its out of phase. 
VPI SDS Whys and Hows?
I have a new Superscoutmaster and the cord fits absolutely perfectly into that cutout provided on the SDS. Why would you want a new powercord? The SDS fixes electrical problems and feeds it to the motor(s) You might make the sound different, but I... 
The synergy of Ayre a.k.a. the
Here's some news.. I have an all Ayre system with Vandersteen 5A's, and without a doubt, the Ayre cables, and Cardas cables are NOT a good match for the system. I had the 1st itteration of Ayre cables and then got the 2nd. I used it but then tried... 
Speaker Cable Suggestion
Regarding Bi-Wire..the benefits of biwire are almost completely removed when you use wire that's jacketed together. You must have 4 seperate cables for best results. I don't know why anyone would choose expensive cables like Purist, et al, when An... 
Audiophile TT article in Forbes
I'll bet anything that the Farrari can be a tax deduction for a movie star who commands a certain "persona". As long as he/she drives it to movie premiers,et al, it is a legitamate deduction. The time that the car is driven for pleasure is not ded... 
NJ Audio Society?
Maplewood, NJ 
Mft 's suggested VTF: Follow or not to follow???
When setting up my Superscoutmaster, the instruction book was clear on leveling the table. It MUST be level, and the best way is to put a level on the platter front to back, and then side to side. I had an SME V sometime ago, which didn't seem to ...