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We're starting up an new forum for folks in the areas of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Please feel free to join in conversations, attend gatherings and bring along your friends. The Sound Experience located at 233 S. Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33432 will be hosting our first meeting on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 starting at 4pm. Please call us to reserve a seat at 561.391.7868. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our interests within our local communities.
I'm glad somebody started it back up down here. You'd think it would have to snow to listen to music by the way nobody wants to get together down here. I'm in Boca, so I have no excuse. I'll have to check my schedule, but I hope to be there. Is sound experience sending out notices? I'm on their list.
hi, i'm back and forth between Palm Beach and Md. if i am in FL. at the time i would love to participate. please keep me in loop as to the groups schedule.

Best Regards tfl303
I have friends/family in the Delray Beach and Palm Beach area. My time there is sporacric, but I'm game. I'm going to be the next week, but I'll be busy helping a family member with some medical appointments. Please keep me posted....would love to participate if I'm able. Thanks....
Count me in too!I will be out of town on that date,but will make the next meeting if possible.I used to go to the South Florida Audio Society meetings and met some good people there,but that kinda fizzled out quite a while back.I am trying to set up a computer music server system at the moment.Would look forward to finding someone local that has some real world experience or advice about the subject. I am in Royal Palm Beach.
Great to hear something is cooking again. I was long time member of the South Florida Audio Society and a former President. Count me in.

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The meeting was a blast! Tracey & David know how to throw a party! It was my 1st visit to David's shop and Igottatellya, I was very impressed. It's been, literally, over a decade since I've walked into a shop that focused on 2 channel audio. And not only was it audio focused, but high-end as well, really a great shop. Looking forward to the next meet which I believe is gonna happen in Sept.
On Sunday, September 19th from 2 to 6pm. The Sound Experience is pleased to welcome Mr. Rich Maez with Boulder Amplifiers who will be joining us for an exciting afternoon as we feature Boulder's 1012 DAC and Phono Stage, 1021 Disc Player, 2008 Phono PreAmp & 2060 Stereo Power Amp just to name a few from their extensive product lines paired with the finest speakers in the world; Wilson Audio. Also, don't miss out on getting exclusive details on Boulder's newest entry level digital products along with the most powerful product ever manufactured by Boulder; the NEW 3000 Series! Please call today at 561.391.7868 to reserve your space or email us at
The Sound Experience of Boca Raton will be the host on Saturday, November 20th 2010 from 12 noon to 5pm for an afternoon like no other as we welcome Mr. Peter McGrath, Wilson Audio; Mr. Luke Manley, VTL and Mr. Mike Latvis, HRS Audio . Don’t miss this incredible line up of guests sharing their expertise for an afternoon that is sure to please every music lover. TSE will be unveiling Wilson Audio’s New Sophia 3 Series loudspeaker, so be the first to hear this dynamic speaker by contacting us with your RSVP to or call 561.391.7868 to reserve your seat now.
I'd be interested in listening to the sophia 3s. Currently driving Magnepan 3.6R w/ ARC tube gear and I may be ready for something different in the way of speakers. I live in Palm Beach Gardens. Sorry I missed the event on the 20th.
The Sound Experience of Boca Raton
Check out our latest product line @ Prime Cigar and Wine Bar on Sunday, May 15th starting at 4pm. Email to let us know you'll be there.....
Hello everyone, I have started another thread to try to gauge interest in south florida audio.  please have a look and chime in:

- Mark in Miami