Wood cutting services in South California?

I plan to build a box speakers, I already have got cabinet plans. I just don't have carpentry skills and tools. I wonder where I can get wood cutting services in South California? 

I checked online and see that Home Depot has free cutting service but only to make woods fit cars/trucks (for transportation purposes) only. 

Thank you. 
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So, you are looking for someone to build your speakers, not to build them yourself.
@quanghuy147 Maybe do your google search using the words wood fabricating. I took a quick peak for you and don't know if companies like this can help you but here's a sample
Contact a cabinet making shop. Take them the drawings and tell the wood species you want to use. Or got to a woodworking supply store e.g. woodcraft or rockier and ask the staff if they know of someone and they can sell you the material as well.
The cabinet maker shops might be an idea.  However, I think the high end custom car stereo shops should be another place to look into.  They might actually be cheaper and have the more specific knowledge for speaker cabinets and ports/vents.  They likely have tools/jigs specific for speaker cutouts and insets as well.
You are about to find out how expensive diy is.  Compared to buying used, you aren’t going to save much, if any.  Oh, and goodluck reselling them ever...
Thank you all you guys for your input. I decided to make the Open baffle one with the help of my father. :) They looks not pretty but sound pretty good!

My father bought MDF panels from Home Depot.