Good Repair in southern California...

Looking for someone that can repair used high end equipment (amps, preamp, and integrateds mostly) properly, with high quality parts and knowledge in the southern CA area.This would be for manufacturers that have gone out of business or are so far away that the time/shipping is a problem. Any help would be great. Thanks-
Try Brooks Berdan, his street address, phone number and website address is below. Give him a call, a real sweetheart of a guy. email me with your experience with him if you decide to take your stuff there.

Brooks Berdan Ltd is located at:

110 West Olive Ave,
Monrovia, California 91016

phone: 626-359-9131
I can tell you this re. Tom @ Brooks' place; he just does tube stuff. (and quite well) But call and see.If they fix your stuff you will get the best, at good prices. A++++++++,from me.
Mike Zuccoro in San Diego- 858-271-8294
Addendum--- Stay away from Scan Audio; unless you're repairing mid fi stuff.vcrs and whatnots.
They,scan, have had a piece of mine for 2 months,to do a 1hr. job.I even included an email from the designer. It contained instructions;along with his cell #---In the email he states how easy a job it is.----- PAY 75 an hr.---You can get untrained help for 40/50 an hr. It takes them 5xs longer and you may have issues after the so called 'cheap' repair.
I'll echo Avguygeorge's warning about Scan Audio. They charged me $75 to put some handles back on a Perreaux 250P amp. A few days later when I was trying to figure out an unrelated problem I was having with the amp, a friendly Perreaux dealer (TotallyWired) told me how to take the top cover off. When I did, I discovered that I had just paid Scan Audio $75 for 10 minutes of work. I was so pissed I drove back to get $25 back. I'll never use them for repair work because I'll never trust that they'll provide a fair and reasonable estimate.
Thnks,Tvad. I hate being out there alone on this. The following is a TRUE statment.--Goes back to the late 80's. It was my first tube pre.The AR9. I was getting all this noise from the phono. I took it to them. They kept it for 3 weeks. They couldn't find anything wrong but I payed 40 bucks and it still had the prob.--- A day latter I discovered on my own, I needed a new tube.That was all!! Great Techs huh??------BTW, Howard, over there on Ventura Blvd ain't much better---(re. time and money) Tube gear ?? Take it to Monrovia.
Hi, is it the Scan Audio in Van Nuys you guys are refering to? If so, thank you so much, sure sounds scary. I was about to take mine over to them but I trusted your judgement. Any other recommendations in the LA county area?