Vintage amp repair in Southern New England

I have an amp that is used in a secondary system but recently stopped working. I've checked the usual things and isolated the problem to the amp - a Marantz Model 15. I'm not quite ready to give it up, but have been unable to find a local repair shop (I'm in RI). I'd prefer not to ship as I've had a couple bad experiences with relatively heavy equipment. Can anyone provide information as to where I might bring the amp? Thanks!
Accutech Audio in East Hartford CT 860-290-8979 Larry does excellent work but very busy. Thats all he works on are amplifiers tube & SS I trust my prized Mcintosh Mc-3500 tube amps in his hands.
Dariusz at Q Audio in Cambridge MA is a whiz and very experienced in McIntosh.
Thanks - I'll make contact and see if any of the above is willing to take on the amp. Appreciate the input!
I have the guy for you! Try David Gill of Gill Audio in North Providence, RI. In addition to building his own branded components, he is involved in modifications and upgradea to vintage equipment. You can reach David at