Sound bar

Anybody familiar with Hi End Klipsch Heritage sound bar? or looking for something like this ?
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That doesn't exist, does it? Do you want to make one?

 i  gonna make it , but no MDF , real wood, drivers from Germany ETON
and build in amp with Bluetooth, price can be lower 
I have a Sonos sound bar 2 surround and the sub very happy with it I use it for for TV and the wife uses it of music its no Vandersteen but they do good job

Enjoy the music
Sonos everywhere the Vandersteens, Quads, Apogees, etc ain’t...
actually decent sound and intelligibility 
I understand,   I ask question about Klipsch Heritage, is not mass 
product like Sonos, is different , I don't think Klipsch  selling a lot ,
Sonos may well be mass produced but it’s convenience and SQ is unbeatable. I have yet to hear another sound bar that can rival its features, ease of use and SQ.

I wish OP best of luck with his endeavor to build the best possible sound bar.
  SQ is Unbeatable . Most of Audiophile  guys say  regarding the gears , located in his listening room LOL
^^^I will be happy to put your sound bar to test against Sonos soundbar. Let me know once you’re up for the!!!
Hay OP you ever build a speaker? Hardwood, can be spendy, a bit of a learning curve and you have to cure the wood..

Off the shelf wood takes 6 month or so to cure.  Hee Hee  patience can pay big time. I have wood that has aged in my shop over 30 years, still clamped, straight as an arrow...16 foot 1X6 apatong (stone wood) Well over 150.00 a stick now.

I think I have 12 -15 pieces left.. Takes a water cooled router bit to cut a
hole.. tough stuff.

Enjoy the DIY, it's the best, It's one of a kind...

Thanks, i am  boutique  speaker designer, like most i use MDF
Plywood , some time bamboo boards ( like one ply)
To get high End Sound bar i decide to use  nice looking 
peruvian wood from Bell Forest , is already Kiln dried , i gonna 
use 2 long pcs for top and bottom and 2 pcs for sides. is not much expensive , i dont need drill and rout and let me avoid
Wow, how cool is that, I tinker, I use to be very active. The hands
and a few thing only let me use them 20-30 min a day.
Wore them out, 3 times a day for 20-30 min. I do ok, just not like
before. 12-15 hours a day. LOL

I haven't used bamboo, black walnut, inlays a few times, but
I'm not a cabinet maker, BUT I make cabinets. I love wood.
I worked Iron at work, I came home I worked wood, I love the smells
and the results, most of the time.

GR Research offers a nice center speaker too. I think its a kit, but it might have plans too, or a driver kit with a worked XO the whole package.

You gonna post some pics?

Yes, i need couple weeks