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Spending a month's salary
I have speakers to meet you requerements  , You can come tomorrow and listen in Brooklyn in my show room   
Full range speakers, 40"-44" max height
@piramis Vote for Tekon and save you money for Las Vegas Trip .      
Help replacing 8" woofer on Gershman Avant Garde Rx-20
I can really to help you to find and replacing maching woofers, located in Brooklyn https://bacheaudio.com/  
2023 Florida Audio Expo Show Report
Why nobody mention Haniwa room # 611, i think is one may be best room in show,   one set just less them  $ 25000 almost 9 times less then Acora, If You by Haniwa , you can save a tonn of money   
Intriguing Speakers From Germany
Always is not good idea, ( dont say stupid )  check the sound quality by  listen   you tube over you speakers or phone , is it similar you get sex by  the phone  LOL  
World's Best Stereo System ?...
Best stereo system did not exist, LOl  
Coaxials - Reality vs. Experience?
@mulveling Main stream very succesfull co like Wilson,Paradigm, JBL ets dont follow you suggestion LOL,   I am not participate in forum only .   
Coaxials - Reality vs. Experience?
@prof Prof    100%           it is impossible to hear difference between tweeter location in the center of main driver or couple inches from . This is placebo efffect or good marketing point.LOl, Is it also applicable only  to 2 way speakers , but... 
How do you feel about Eggleston Speakers?
OK  The Viginity got 2   10 " Woofers in parallel , so is total 4ohms, the crossing according to specification 120hz low pass crossover. To achive this crossover point they must use induction coil with at least  12 mh , The DC resistance must be v... 
How do you feel about Eggleston Speakers?
Some models got boomy bass, see stereophile review EgglestoneWorks Viginity by Michael Fremer | May 24, 2018 ---The speaker’s overall tonal balance was on the warm side. Its bass tuning produced a skosh more boom that might be too much for those w... 
Egglstone speakers issues
Michel Fremer in Stereophile review say ." bass tuning produced a skosh more boom that might be too much for those who prefer lean, tight bass. I know why -- just need confirmation from Viginty owners  
Egglstone speakers issues
My question more about Egglstoneworks Viginty model with 2 10 "  subwofers  
All New Songer Audio FIELD-COIL Speakers : Taking Field-Coil Speakers To A New Level !
fantastic---- buy one , second free    
Speakers that are good with tubes
All tube amp got issues to control bass driver , because output impedance much more higher co compare solid state amp. You hear bass less articulate and more fatty .I say only speakers with active bass is ideal for music reproduction ,using tube a... 
Improve sound
  speakers is weakest point in gear chain. So  you will have very small improvement until you upgrade the speakers