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Speakers that are good with tubes
All tube amp got issues to control bass driver , because output impedance much more higher co compare solid state amp. You hear bass less articulate and more fatty .I say only speakers with active bass is ideal for music reproduction ,using tube a... 
Improve sound
  speakers is weakest point in gear chain. So  you will have very small improvement until you upgrade the speakers  
All New Treehaus Audiolab Phantom Of Luxury Open-Baffle FIELD COIL Loudspeakers Review
BesideTreehouse , i liked Hanima set, the sound very competitive , Fantastic   
Snell Type A speakers
donate to Salvatore army  
egglestonworks viginti
+ for Paradigm  
What is your opinion of single driver speakers
I dont understand why so many folks like single drive LS, (SDLS). It got following issues, Bass- low bass can fixing to add sub, but still missing upper bass 100-300hz- sound still weak and no full body, Whizzer cone got very poor characteristic t... 
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Hanima is the best  
Andy Kim - Needle Clinic
Another best guy doing same-- Steven From  VAS audio NJ .   
Open Baffle Experience
OB Dont do well in any kind of  room, demo/hotel room included  
What are the big attractions at Capital Audiofest coming up this Friday?
Hanima was best room so far  
Open Baffle Experience
@kenjit i agree for 100% , the open baffle desigh is made for folk who is looking for something unsual , The speaker bulders using old idea like new , Nothing magic . Depend of baffle size , sound wave from front cone meet wave from back and kill... 
Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?
Stolichnaya   "STOLICHNAYA" performed by SICK and Wine & Alchemy https://www.youtube.com › watch  
Capital AudioFest : Fyssion Speakers
I suggest to go listen both room at CAF  Fussion room and my and make comparison   
Capital AudioFest : Fyssion Speakers
Most of full range , single driver speakers got the issues , # 1- lack bass ( you have to add sub)  Lack midbass , sound is very thin ( no fixable) , not enough High freg extension   
What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?
@larryi agree for 100% , i mention in my early post regarding high-efficincy --dont go down. Big size drivers included the very best 15’ Tannoy got much higher resonance to compare heavy cone with rubber surround. . Dont use Sub. We find solution...