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“House” Character of Popular $20-$30k Speakers
Get Tekton and  save money for Las Vegas trip  
Neutral, transparent, warm
@pascon   all is simple , this is marketing world , meaning good sound , dont keep too much close , the professional audio journalist use  a lot the expression to let folks know the bad product is good  LOL    
Power Cord recommendations for a First Watt SIT3
More expensive power cords sound better,  High End fuses improved sound also, audio power inlets , cable supporting staff is very very important, but   power cables need  to broke in  at least 100 hours for linear foot . LOL  
Need speaker recommendations.
@amitb  You will get thousand recommendations . Are you close to NJ or NY ?  
Midbass issues
Try to raise up 400 Hz about 6db , and see what i mean  
Midbass issues
are you be able to raise the midbass to this device,??  
High Fidelity Sound Speaker
@mozartfan  I make my speakers line for all kind of music , Tribeca got 8" assistance woofer, Urban -002 and Lexington got pair smaller 7" and 5 1/4 " same brand Eton (Germany) woofers , last two models play in CAF one month ago. Main idea ---inst... 
Crossover help?
Same thing , if you lost memory and call doctor, he is not help you , untill to visit to him.   
High Fidelity Sound Speaker
@mozartfan  Looks like you did not read my last post carefully , I am not say Whizzer cone got distortion , The main stream Speaker audio Manufactor dont use whizzer cone drivers,    
High Fidelity Sound Speaker
@mozartfan Dont wait up tp May 2022, This product is exist already . i am happy you came to decision , no whizzer , The main problem for whizzer is not distortions. this is like addition low grade additional mechanical twitter , start to work fro... 
Capital Audio Fest Notes
@bhvf  Yes 002AB -is very effficient,tube amp freindly, working fine with Line magnetic , any 300 B.  In my show room  connected with Alexus 845 SE monoblocks,   
Capital Audio Fest Notes
@bhvf  Thanks for visited my room and you feedback. I hope  to see you in my showroom in Brooklyn, i have some speakers like my favorite flagship-002 model which  sound  good with low power 300B amp.I gonna bring this one to NY Audio show       
Picking an Open Baffle speaker for 2w SET amp - plus bonus question !?!
We can help , but $ 1000 budget ?? Also Zen Triode 2-3 watt  why ? 
Help! need informed opinion
@johnnyc  you have chance to listen monitor Sonata -002 . more info https://hifipig.com/bache-audio-sonata-ex-loudspeakers/ 
Single driver vs traditional 3 way loudspeakers
I use 0,33 mkf capacitor ,  can say  HP filter or 1 st order crossover for tweeter  Fostex Ft-96  EX-2 pared with 4 " TB-  1320 in my current models Lexington and Urban, did a lot experiment with 3 and 4 orders. Stopped on simple