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So, I have a great problem I am going to be adding a VPI Classic 1 to my system. I have a Manly labs Jumbo Shrimp Pre Amp the wonderful Manly Mahi's I am using the so sweet Fosgate Signature Pre Amp. The Zu Audio Sole Super Fly is my loud Speaker of choice. So what am I looking for, is the Cartridge I wanted to here what the Audiogon community would pair with what I have in play. The choice that I have all but settled on is the Lyra Keos ($2,995) any one want to make me think twice. I will place my order on 12-1-12
Lyra Delos or Kleos.

Wish I had problems like yours ... Tone Publications did a review on Lyra cartridges a while back. Even for the money they command, they are a real value. The review went into more detail and the reviewer was running a VPI Classic II or III I believe. You can shoot Tone an email and Jeff will almost always reply. He has been running Lyra for a while but also lots of other carts. He really knows his stuff and is great to communicate with.

Good luck, I doubt you can go wrong. Love the Mahi's, I nearly bought a set last year but missed out. Grrrrr

I was wrong ... the review was on the Classic 1 and he used a Lyra Kleos. There is a big write up in issue 46, but I found a brief under the AnalogAholic section. He also listed a few other test cartridges with the review, so he might be a good resource.
I think, a Zyx cartridge will give better results than any Lyra in that Arm. Lyras are designed to move all energy into the Headshell and a VPI Arm is not really stable. Zyx carts are the opposite, they are very uncritical.
In all modesty you should look at (my) Ruby 3 S on A'gon
auction. I am sure Syntax will say: Amen!
Thank you I am truly enjoying reading all of these posts I am still new to the world of vinal. I got my first and only TT about 16 months ago the music hall mmf-7 and about two months ago I took my CD player out of my system. I am done with shiny round disks. Keep the advice coming, and thanks.
You should listen/look into the Benz range too.
Check out the soundsmith line as well. The sussuro looks like a very nice cart. The zephyr is said to be a very good match on vpi arms as well. Very good customer service too.
Hi. Fellow Soul Superfly and former VPI TNT owner. The Lyra's have worked well with VPI turntables. Their tendency to be on the cool side mated well with warm sound of the VPI's. The Classic is far more neutral then previous VPI's but the current Lyra are less cool so the nice balance remains.
I will second the Soundsmith recommendation. Had a chance to hear the Hyperion at RMAF and thought it was the best analog I heard. The Hyperion ($7500) is out of your price range but the Sussuro Paua is right there and would be a great match for the VPI arm.
I would also suggest looking at the Miyajimi Kansui.
Lastly, if you haven't upgraded the Superfly to the Nano driver would strongly recommend the upgrade. A significant jump in sound for $400 ($600-$200 refund after you send back the old drivers)
Good luck with your choice.
Simply wanted to say thanks, I very much enjoyed all the responses. I placed my order today! VPI Classic I in black with the SoundSmith Sussurro Paua Cartridge. I am very excited to say the least. I have been wanting to upgrade my Music Hall TT for about one year, it has been a great table however what I am about to get I think will be a true game changer. I think matching it with the all tube Fosgate Phone Stage and the Manley Monoblocks will be a great team. Thanks again.
Did you save any $$ for a Synergistic Research Tricon Analog? ( A most excellent phono cable! I auditioned mine through The Cable Company(they never saw it again).