Power Cord Advice

As this seems to be the rage, I too have been bitten by the power cord bug. I am interested in upgrading all of the power cords through out my system and I was hoping for some general thoughts on a few cords at the top of my list. Likewise, I welcome any additions to the list.

Harmonic Tech
Pro-AC11 -Currently using all HT cables throughout the system with good results

BMI Whale Elite
With such great reviews and an almost cult like following, I'm curious. Does anyone have information regarding build specs (gauge, conductor type, etc) or the theory behind the design?

PS Audio Lab or Mini Lab.
I heard these in a friends system and I was impressed and they also got a favorable nod from Fremer.

I welcome any and all feedback/ideas. Thanks again for all of your help!
Currently, my system includes the following:

Von Schweikert VR-4
Electrocompaniet 4.7 preamp
Electrocompaniet AW-60 amps (2)
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 CD player
Harmonic tech Pro-Silway MKII IC
Harmonic Tech Pro-11 speaker cable (2 pair)
I just recently bought the Bob Crump HSR Power Cord used on Audiogon for $115, and it sounds great. I really like the fact that it is flexible, not big and stiff like so many of the power cords out there today. sonics are wonderful and the price is reasonable. The guy I bought it from had 3 for sale. Check under the "Power Cable" section, he may still have 2 for sale. By the way, how do you like your EMC-1 CD player?
Thanks for the information. The HSR cord is not one that I had thought of.

EMC-1? I really like it and it is built like a tank. However, some might find it a tad warm, but I think it's honest and now EC is offering an upsampling chip set.(24bit 192Khz) With that added, I'd say it is one of the better players out now. It is really a machine that is devoted to music reproduction rather that being caught up in analytical sound reproduction. As with everything, it still comes down to personal taste
I'm getting interested in power cords myself because I understand from friends that they affect sound like interconnects do...The prices have scared me away so far.....but on Audiogon there is a place that advertises the"Absolute Power Cord" for under $50 that they say beats much pricier cords..The web site for GTT Audio is www.gttgroup.com...I'm thinking about trying that before going to the more expensive ones. Good listening..
Geeze, here we go again with the "Absolute" deal again. No offense to those that own these cords as I know that some of the regulars have them, but the responses / plugs mentioning them sure seem like "plants" or "shills" to me. This is especially true when someone shows up out of the blue to "advertise" about their "low cost", acts like a salesman and then forwards you directly to their website. To top this off, it is their only post of record on Audiogon. I'm sorry Glenno if you are sincere, but your post smells more than fishy. Please do a search under "ultimate power cords" in the forums and you might have some idea as to why i say what i do.

My experience with power cords is that they make the biggest difference "upstream" in the system. By "upstream", i'm talking sources ( especially digital pieces ), preamp, etc... These pieces have far less filtering in the power supply and seem to be more sensitive to improvements / changes in the power being fed to them. With the large amount of filter capacitance that most "beefy" amps have, i haven't had quite the results swapping cords on them. Since every audio and electrical system is slightly different, results may vary though. Sean
I'm with Sean on this one. Had some success using lower priced pcs on my previous cdp -Arcam 8SE and on my preamp's power supply. But never realized any differences on my Bryston 4B-ST amp. A local dealer advised that of all the amps he carries the Brystons are affected the least by the introduction of aftermarket pcs. I will qualify this by indicating that I have never auditioned any of the "big boys" such as Electraglide, FIM, Whale, etc so there may be pcs out there that will affect high powered amps. Try before you buy if you can but if you must buy before you try then give the "Asylum cord" a chance - good results for a $60 investment and the proceeds go to charity.
If that's the list, and I'd guess your o.k. with spending $500 than I'd start at BMI. Write Brian and ask him about the spec's, I'd bet money you'll go no further. Your search will be complete untill you want to waste money on hyper expensive cords elsewhere.
Hey Sean-What if I told you I use power cords that I snatch off a Sears model IBRNJSTRGHT toaster oven? That would mean that the only place you could obtain them is...Yep! That's right-SEARS!! I suppose you would proclaim that has a fishy smell too? Glenno is merely stating the truth of the matter. The only place who sells the Absolute power cord is GTT Audio.
I liked the TG Audio HSR-A on the EVo amplifier and my cd player was so clean with it's "Brilliant" power supply (swithc mode), I didn't notice much difference with or without a cord. I'v heard that Tekline makes an excellent source power cord and EVS just switched from Tekline ($400) to Acoustic Zen ($150) as their cord of choice on digital. Plus they give a 30 day trial with return option.
I just talked to Bill(GTT Audio)this afternoon. I'm getting some more Absolute Power Cords for my other components. My testimonial is in Bill's website, as well as here. He has not given me--nor have I asked for-- any favors. The cord's design is simple, scientific and fuctional (non Voodoo).