Small and satisfying. Please help me.

OK guys. You've got me on the right track for a 37" plasma for my bedroom. I want to do it with surround sound. My wife is gung ho but wants it sweet, simple, small and not ridiculous $ wise. I heard this 5 way Bose surround set-up and loved it. Had all the qualities I'm looking for. Can I do better? Space, remember, is the MAJOR factor. My bedroom, although nice size, is still my bedroom. Thanks in advance. warren
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With all due respect, anything besides Bose. I own Source Technologies - a very little known company out of Conn - and they have a couple of really good HT packages
Also, Axiom audio has a couple of HT packages, and I would look at the pre-owned section of both Audiogon and Videogon to see what else is available.
Best of Luck

I have never liked the sound that comes from the Bose cubes. A few alternatives to consider:

1. Small sphere sized speakers with a sub. Two companies that make products like these are Orb Audio and Gallo Acoustics. Orb Audio even offers their own version of HT in a box ($1000) that may be worth considering.

2. Use only two speakers and set up your DVD player to play in virtual surround mode. I have both my HT and bedroom systems set up this way and it is pretty effective. Dialog sounds like it is coming from the center and it allows me more freedom in my choice of speakers. My bedroom system is pretty modest and not visually obtrusive at all(a 20" SONY TV; a vintage Marantz receiver; a JVC DVD/CD player; and a pair of NHT SB2 monitors ... housed in an armoire sized bookcase 72" X 30" X 18").

Regards, Rich
I know you're looking for thoughts on speakers (by the way, I think the Bose setup is just fine for a bedroom HT)but I thought I'd pass along some information on TV's since it seems you may not have purchased your plasma quite yet. From what I've read, the way to go is not plasma, but LCD. LCD sets use less energy, don't run as hot, have a crisper picture, etc. Currently they are more expensive, but that should rapidly change soon.
I'd really like to go the 5 channel route. I found the sound quite cool. The Bose system sounded nice, but I'm certainly not a Bose fan.
Yes. Go to the Mangepan site and link through to their home theatre system.
I checked out all the websites you've mentioned. I'm looking small and complete. An HT (5channel) system with DVD, amp, speakers, sub, the whole nine.
A few more that come to mind: Definitive Technology, KEF, Klipsch, Tannoy. I believe that all of these companies have HTIB's with nice looking satelites and good sound. I also belive that Daniel Kumin in Sound and Vision does reviews on HTIB's on a regular basis, see if you can find a couple for direction on which way to look. Just some more thoughts.
Which 37" plasma monitor have you selected? What is the current street price?

I was going to go with the Panny 37. Can buy online for $3k, but now I've got to check into the LCD thing. Don't want to pay more than 3k. The Mitsubishi I saw was amazing, but way to expensive and it was only 30"
Warren, if you like the sound of the Blows, use 'em. Peel the Blows stickers off the front and buy some Sonus decals instead.

God forbid you should look up in a moment of passion (bedroom system) and see the Blows branding.......... It may cause an inverted smile curve ie: "shrinkage". Your wife, at that point, may not be as "gung ho" about the new system.

"Screw all these name brand Nancy's".

Just don't actually TELL anyone that you are using Blows. Although, now all of us Audiogonr's are aware of the possible Blows purchase. Of Course, you have at this point, lost even the slightest trace of credibility. BTW, a Blows purchase totally negates the fact that you made a good choice with the YBA. But, do what you feel comfortable with.

Have a nice day Warren, Ed.
I am going to second the suggestion for Gallo Acoustic's spherical speakers... a friend has a set of them and they sound great for the size.
Ed, lol. My wife is an ICOS rep. They manufacture Cialis. If I went with the Blows that would certainly help keep the wind in my sails. You know, I'd never go with Blows. It was a weak moment. Now, Radio Shack; there's a consideration.
If you want to keep it real simple, there are a couple of ways you could go.
One, is to buy one of those packages like Sony, Nakamichi and many other companies make -- complete with DVD player, receiver, and speakers. But,
I think you can get better quality if you separate these purchases. Since you're going to lay out some $$$ for a plasma screen, you'll want to have a DVD player that will get the most out of it. Hopefully, one that is future ready with DVI output. After that, you still need a receiver and speakers. Depending on your budget, there is still another way to go. You could get a DVD player, a surround processor, and "active" speakers, which are amplified.
This way, you get speakers with amplifiers tuned to them, you get a surround processor instead of a receiver. There are several companies that make relatively small "active" speakers. What's your budget?
Check out the Linn Classik Movie system... same idea as the Bose.

cheers RR
I just bought the 'Micro's' from Rutledge Audio Design:

They are very small and sound excellent. They have a smooth, balanced sound and the highs aren't harsh or brittle. They have a similar appeal to Bose in that they do midrange very well. However, the exceed Bose in that they have real bass, much more accurate sound, and are real wood veneers over thick MDF... and not cheap vinyl over particle board like Bose.

They sound better than anything I've heard under 1,k.

Good luck!
Panasonic SC-DM3. Everything you want on the cheap. Been using it in my bedroom for a year. Even plays none region 1 discs. I got mine from Ebay for something around $300.
No one has mentioned the Aego 5. Comes in black or white with processor. The distributor is liquidating these on eBay. I bought mine for $425 shipped. Neat little system with good reviews from audiophile mags.
Rob (rsbeck) has shown me the light. A true gentleman and a scholar; and there's not many of us left. I'm not going 5 channel. Plain ole two monitors with a sub hooked to an integrated amp and a DVD player. That'll do me fine. Got to watch the 'gon for this stuff, 'cept the DVD player. Going to buy that new. Want to have DVI capabilities. Thanks my fellow audiophools. peace, warren
Now that I've made this decision maybe you can help me, again. Space like I said is a factor. Two speakers and a sub? Or would two monitors without sub do it? Just need enough quality sound to make movie watching more....wondering if a sub is really necessary in a bedroom. Could you suggest speakers that are small and have decent lower extension and inexpensive? I will be only about 4 to 5 feet from my set.
There are currently three DVD players that output video in DVI (Digital Video Interface). These are the Bravo D1 ($200), the Samsung HD931 ($300), and the Denon 5900 ($2,000). The Samsung has received mixed reviews, so it is
between the Denon and the Bravo, which has received better reviews than the Samsung. Personally, for DVD watching, I would opt for the Bravo at this point. No sense buying the $2,000 Denon 5900 for DVD watching when the
technology is changing so rapidly. In the next 6 months, more DVD players will come out with DVI and the technology is bound to improve. Then, there's also HDM1 around the corner. Currently, I know of no DVD players with this
capability and only a couple of plasma screens, including the new Pioneer models.
Correction: I have found ONE DVD player that has an HDMI output. The Pioneer Elite DVD Player: DV-59AVi. Hook that puppy up to a plasma or LCD screen that has an HDMI input and the eagle has landed! This will upsample and turn DVD into HD.

Panasonic has a 32" LCD that has a HDMI input. Now, you need an integrated amp and two speakers. Or, a pre-amp and two "active" speakers. If you go
the active speaker route, I would recommend Mackie's. They are pretty small,
but -- believe it or not -- they are bi-amped and have great top and bottom
extension. You can get two of them new for about $1,200. Just a suggestion.
You might be able to find some used if you look around at pro audio sites.
Okay, reading up some more. Just to add more info: DVI and HDMI, apparently, are compatible. With an interconnect which has an HDMI connection on one end and a DVI connection on the other, these enabled units will work together to pass the uncompressed video signal in digital, which produces what is said to be a significantly better picture than component video. Some say it approaches the quality of high def. So, now you can consider all four DVD players for the 32" panasonic, which I am just assuming you will purchase. The Pioneer DV-59AVi goes for around $950. It is a universal player, as is the Denon 5900.
I'm on it. Problem with acitive speakers, it seems, would be finding a used preamp at a resonable price? could be dead wrong on that. I'll check the 'gon.
As Gilda Radner use to say on Saturday Night Live. "Never mind." There's oodles of pre amps for sale. Should be easy to find one should I go with the Mackies. That might be the best way to go, especially if the sound is good as you say.
There are some used Mackie's selling on Ebay. You want the Mackie HR824.
Just a suggestion, but I like those speakers. They are rated to be flat down to 40 Hz and I believe it. Amazing high and low extension for a bookshelf monitor. Great sounding. Must be something to do with being bi-amped, with a more powerful amp for the bass. They can be used with or without a Sub-woofer. I don't know a lot about two channel pre-amps, but there are quite a few used ones selling on A'Gon.
Warren. If you absolutely decided on 2 speakers, and you don't want to go crazy with processors, might you consider something like this?

Small, simple, clean, easy, and not too expensive. This product is basically all you need, and will fit the criteria you have established.

Slow down and do some homework. You have been without this up until now, a little time spent doing some investigating will not hurt. You wiil actually find it was time well invested.

Remember, measure twice, cut once. Ed.
Eduardo, I have decided on two speakers, but I gots to look at them. Those speakers, you recommended, are downright ugly. I figure if I follow the used amp and speaker route, I will find two small floorstanders with a great integrated for considerably less than 2k. Man, would I love to have my Theil 1.5s back, right about now. Even the 1.2s would be nice. Creek, Adcoms, Music Fidelitys, and the like will be coming up over the next few months, and a host of others. I'm not that picky with this HT deal. Just want something to make the movie watch a bit more interesting sound wise. I'll surely score with something on the 'gon. This is for the summer. Owe Uncle Sam so I've got to wait a little. I'm going with the Panasonic 32" LCD.
Yea, they are a little funky lookin. As Zappa would say, they look like a cross between an industrial vacuum cleaner and a chrome piggy bank, without the marital aids stuck all over it's body.

But you never said anything about having to look nice also. You're expanding your criteria.

Pretty cool concept though, Huh?
Update -- Just found out that Panasonic is coming out with a DVD player that will include HDMI output. It was introduced at CES. I will be their new flagship model -- Panasonic DVD-S97. Panasonic has a great history with
DVD players. Don't know how much this will cost or when it will appear in stores.
Update -- Toshiba has a DVD player with HDMI output: Toshiba SD-5960.
This unit can be found at Best Buy for $200.
Update -- Amazon lists the Panasonic DVD-S97 at $299. It is not yet released.
Will I be able to listen to regular TV programing through the integrated amp I will eventually have for my DVD and speakers?
Depends on how many audio inputs your integrated amp sports. If you're using it for DVD's, TV, and playing CD's on your DVD player, you need two
sets of L & R audio inputs, which most integrated amps should have. Then,
you just switch to the mode that corresponds with your DVD player for movies and the one that corresponds with your TV (audio inputs from your
cable box, satelite receiver, etc.) for television.
Hey Warren, do you live in an area that has lots of High Definition OTA (over the air) broadcasts?

I live in one of the five original major metropolitan areas that has had High Definition bouncing against my house for over five years. The quality of the picture is awesome and all of the networks now broadcast in HD and PBS is the best.

I have a projection system so what I have is not what you are looking for. Still, if you are close enough to the antennas or can get a decent UHF antenna then get yourself a HD receiver. I bought mine 'open box' for about $350.00 at circuit city and I am in Nirvana!

Also, the sound is digital so I run it through my higher quality DAC and this just makes it so good that I am watching less DVDs.
I leave in Point Lookout on Long Island. Right on the ocean. Not a good place for any kind of reception. Now, I get cable through Optimum. How do I go about making sure I can get HDT? Does it come automatically through my cable or is it a monthly fee they'll hit me for? warren
Call your local cable company, check out the satelite outfits, check with your current provider, see who has the best array of HD programming, what plans
they have for offering more in the future, what you need in order to receive
HD programming with your HD-Ready LCD screen, and how much it will cost to rent whatever needs renting and how much extra for the HD service, etc. In my area, the local cable company provides the HD Cable box and remote control and it costs $5 more per month for both the unit and the programming. HDTV is a HUGE improvement and will wonderful on your screen. If HDMI to HDMI can make DVD's look anything like HDTV -- that will be a great improvement and make the whole thing even more worth the trouble. I'm keeping an eye on the release of these HDMI DVD players and their reviews.
Jackpot: Here's a web page which lists all the DVD players with DVI or HDMI either out or coming soon --- Lots of links to ther great stuff, too!
Here's another great resource. These guys put DVD players through a battery of tests and publish the results.

You may also want to check out --
Hi Warren.
I am a former owner of Bose Lifestyle 10 speakers. They look cute and sound pretty good in the store but they are a very expensive setup considering stands, etc. And you will get a severe case of buyers remorse. I think I paid around $1200 for the set. I now use PSB Stratus Bronze ($800), PSB Image 6C ($250), PSB Image 2B for backs ($250) and a Velodyne HT12 Sub ($200). Add em up and you get $1500 for total (assuming my math is correct). And about 10000x the sound. I'm sure others will be able to recommend a better small system but think closely before you go w/ the Bose'. I think the Image 2B's sound really nice and I would consider them for a bedroom system. I have never purchaced HiFi gear that I regretted more and more over time. But if you do, I have four stands laying around that I'll give you.
BOSE? Never. Just said I heard the system and was impressed with the surround sound gig. I've decided, since this is a bedroom, to skip the surround sound and just go with two speakers. I've decided on the Definitive Technology BP 7006. They are bipolar small (major bedroom wife factor) and have plenty of bottom slam. They'll do the job for what I want. Thanks for the feedback. peace, warren