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Review: Prima Luna Prologue Two Tube amp
Hola,My small experience with tubes was when I bought a little HK integrated used. It was old, it was small, and sounded quite sweet. I do believe it is time to get some new stuff, and I believe it will be Prima Luna. The price is reasonable and w... 
Review: Meadowlark Audio kestrel 2 Speaker
I have never heard Meadowlark and I wish I had (will). It is too bad they overextended themselves. 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Callisto Monitor
Thanks. They are remodeling now but should be done fairly soon. 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Callisto Monitor
Nope. All digital DC-2. Makes the old Systemdek sound pretty brutal. I just need to buy a new kit since I'm getting a bit tired of the HT thing. I do plan to visit the GM factory soon. They sound like a great bunch of folks. 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Callisto Monitor
The problem is vinyl sounds like total crap through my Lexicon. 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Callisto Monitor
I am going to give these a listen when I get a little extra cash on hand (new business stuff going on). I just moved to CO and sent GMA an email and Roy replied right away. There is a guy that is pretty local here and I'm going to truck it to his ... 
Review: Wilson Audio X-2 Alexandria Speaker
Shipping weight, over a ton. I have never seen, nor have I heard the Alexandria's but man, what an amazing looking piece of hardware. Great review. 
Review: Krell KSA-150 Amplifier
I like the commode amp stand. What a great idea.j 
Jazz Review: Miles Davis
Hello all,I was at the local music store a couple of months ago and somebody sold them about some 200-300 albums. Their whole jazz collection. Among them was a pile of the Columbia remasters of some of Miles' work, among a mixture of the other art... 
Emmylou Harris, "Red Dirt Girl"
If you ever get a chance to see her live, do so. Emmylou puts on a great show, especially in a small venue. 
2 ch. or 5.1 amp for HT mostly for music
I picked up a Chiro 5 channel amp (140wpc, I think) for something like $600 and it is a beast. 
What is the warmest receiver...
I had an old NAD T-770. It didn't have a bunch of whistles and bells but it had an extremely nice sound. A bit of a funky interface though. Much warmer sound than the Lexicon/Chiro system that I replaced it with. 
Review: Bose 201 Series V
Ekobesky,I like that, shrill and nasty. And you are right, the resale for Bose stuff is crazy. People actually want that stuff and will pay to get it. I sold mine to a friend, told him about their sonic deficiencies, and he bought em anyway (WAF?).j 
Review: Bose 201 Series V
One day, in a fit, I decided that an Acustimass HT system would be the way to go. The DQ-10's just wouldn't fit. They were small, a couple of friends had them, so I went out and bought the speakers and a Nak HT reciever. Hooked them up and thought... 
NAD T752/T753/T763 ?
I had a NAD T770. Not much for whistles and bells but the sound was excellent. Went w/ seperates but I though the sound quality of the NAD was very good.