Look for help please..........

Hi audionut:I have a pair(used realy break in) totem forest speakers.But my problem is so hard to find the center and sub to meet with this.Ask anyone who can give me some help?But not use totem. thank you
If you don't use a totem center, it will never work well. You can buy a pair of smaller totems and use 1 for the center? Any good sub will do.
Elevick is rigth, the best choice is to use Totem center. although, they are not cheap and rarely available for sale on Audiogon. For some reasons, if you don't like Totem center speakers or you don't have a good budget right now, you may try to go out to every audio store around your area and give all center channel speaker a test drive. You may get luck some how, I hope.
As far as what is the best center channel speaker for the money, nothing can beat Definitive Technology CLR 3000. I use to own a dozen of good brand name center channel speaker like Paradigm Ref, B&W, Kef, Energy Veritas, Totem signature one, Audio physic... just to name a few but I always prefer them to my old Def CLR 3000.
About the subwoofer, you may want to look at Totem Thunder, Velo DD, Rel Studio. They are not only fast with music but also pump out big bass for movie, too.