SF Extrema,Few q

Hi there,

I read a lot about this speaker ,a lot of people saying its the best speaker ever,but also mention that it really hard to "push" and if i buy it i need very expensive amp and source.
I want to know why it have to be that expensive ,Is there strong AMP that can work good with the EXTREMA without being very expensive (for me >3K its expensive)?
Nuforce,CI Audio and etc arent expensive and i heard they can kick!
Is anybody know how this speaker work with CLASS D ?amplication?I read that tube isn't good for this speaker.

for Those who have/had it:
What do u think about this speaker copmaring new speaker around the 5K?is it good invesment?after all the speaker old (14years).
Thanx a lot!
I use a Audio Research D400mkII (400wpc/4ohm) solid state amplifier that I purchased used on A'gon for around 2K. This amp give me the best of both worlds smooth, airy and guts!!! This is a great amp I feel for any speaker that need lots of current. I've thought about buying another to run mono. Truly the greatest speaker I've owned...

Good Luck...David
What do u think about this speaker copmaring new speaker around the 5K?is it good invesment
That's are really difficult question to answer. None of us knows all of the 5k speakers out there, Scubi...

Anyway, the Extrema perform very well. Despite their age, many other speakers will not perform better within the Extremas' optimum operating range...
They were also very expensive speakers. If you're ready to buy a used pair, make sure the drive units are in as good a condition as they can reasonably be. Is this pair expensive?

They do need a powerful amplifier. I don't know if a digital amp will do the trick -- why not? In fact, instead of purchasing a branded product (Nuforce etc) why not diy and buy from Hypex in the Netherlands ($~300). I used a standard SS amp when I used them.
it is certainly the benchmark for sonus faber.
as Gergm advise to check the units condition I guess the following Q has to be if SONUS FABER still holding repair units for the Extrema?after 14 years i think they may not.

Gregm - To build good AMP based on Hyepx it will cost me much more than 300$ maybe around the 1400$(!),I guess second hand will be more easy for to buy.
have u heard hyepx DIY amps?do u think it can be good match?
my friend uses a pass aleph 1.2 monoblocks (200w/8 ohms) to drive his extremas, and they sound fine. 100-200w of QUALITY amplification should get the ball rolling. i wish SF would consider making them again, perhaps with an improved stand.
stereophile's review stated they sounded good right out of the box!! if that isn't amazing i don't know what is. the amatis got a good review, only m.fremer sold his pair before anyone could say wattpuppy7. the strads look nice but didn't do anything new for $40k. the new amati anniversarios haven't created much of a stir thus far. but the electra amators and the extremas were compact and sounded like full sized full ranged state of the art imaging etc. the drivers can probably still be replaced (dynaudio), and the woodwork for those of us who admire it will endure for many years with a little polish. i own guarneri homages, and they give chamber music appropriate character without having to apply any further audio terminologies. are the latest versions better? probably. but whether or not they convey music with more emotion is a big "maybe".
ANYWAY, MY big speech is prompted by the 1st time i heard extremas, which was at the stereophile show in miami and i stayed for a very long time in that room where, for me, i heard the best music making in the building (only the MBL-101's impressed me as much). so naturally, with big eyes and a small wallet,
i yearned for a pair, but could not find a demo or used sample (my budget was $5k, and THAT was a big stretch).
much later, traveling down the road of absurd desire for ridiculously expensive audio stuff, i came upon eggleston andras with the same tweeter used in the extremas, and got a used pair. so what if they lacked the sonus faber "look"?
at least they sounded ALOT like the extremas, with even more bass (down to 20Hz!) but you never lose sight of a beautifully executed design like the extremas. enough already. get a pair.(!)
I was "blown away" by my listening to the Extremas,but the owner had added a superb super tweeter to them.We a/b'd these,and the Sonus "classic's" moved into another league with them.The original Extrema is a fine design,but is a bit rolled off in the highs.Easily remedied!
We are all bombarded,today,by marketing!!In all areas.We are almost brain washed by the approach that we should get the newest,or latest.Keep buying and buying!
Every aspect of almost any hobby contains this element!Many foolish hobbyists take it too seriously,and IMO,this hurts our real chances of attaining great sound.
I know of two specific people who are SO enamored with the latest audio toys,that they never take the time to "voice" their set-ups properly!They sell their stuff too quickly.
I have another well experienced group,who base everything on sound alone,and MUST live with something long enough to get the "most" from it,before moving on.Who do you think have more musical systems?
Sorry for the rant!

Back to the Extremas...I LOVE them(don't own them,but appreciate greatness).To my ear,and eye,they can be considered as good as I have heard(and I live in the New York area,and have heard it all,almost)based on room size(very important).They are SO well made,and are so beautiful,and different looking(in the best way)that I doubt if these cannot be serviced,even if the drivers were not continued by Sonus Faber.The woodwork alone is enough to be displayed in a museum.You cannot get a sense of how "distinct looking" they are by a picture!!
This has become a small world,with the web,and all.There are many people who do admirable work on speakers,and electronics.Many Modify companies too.Some better than others,but I don't think "anything" is a dead issue in this modern time.Almost anything is available.
The speakers are a "magnificent,one of a kind looking" design,that still easily holds up to the competition,with the addition of a super-tweeter,which MUST be added to stay competitive!Go for them,and enjoy music through them!You won't be sorry!If you are,then give them to me!!-:)
Here's what I can tell you about the Extremas.
The Extremas having no capacitors in their crossover and require some hefty amplification.
I wouldn't use any Tube amps or Class D amps.
Alot of the Class D amps are very small.
The Extremas use a unique Skanning midrange.
Skanning makes only Polyprolene midbases and woofers.
The Skanning 7 1/2 midbase woofer on the Extremas is a Polypropelene driver with Carbon Fiber.
The Carbon Fiber part of the midbase driver is made by Sonus Faber, not Skanning.
The Carbon Fiber made by Sonus Faber for the Extremas uses the best material.
This Carbon Fiber when combined with the Skanning Polyprolene driver has a sound that has to be heard to be believed.
The speakers sound so rich and transparent with soundstaging that is so holographic.
The bass is fast and tight.
A great amp on the Extremas is the Meridian 557 amps bridged.
Used these amps probably cost like 1000 each.
This is what my friend is using.
The 557 amps bridged are like 800 watts.
One 557 amp couldn't power the Extremas.
My friend and I tried it.
But when you use 2 Meridian 557 amps bridged.
Holy Moly did these speakers sound incredible.
It was night and day when you bridge them compared to using 1 557 amp.
1 557 amp just wasn't powerful enough.
I also agree about the Audio Research D400 amp.
The amps I heard were the new Bernings!Wonderful.
have u heard hyepx DIY amps?do u think it can be good match
I have heard hypex amps made out of the mid-powered modules (not driving the extrema). They were OK. I've never heard any hypex driving Extrema.

You need a very stable amplifier with a lot of output (see Twilo above). I used YBA and Symphonic Line -- which are expensive so, not recommended.

Any hi-powered amp should do in the beginning... what's the output of those Behringers?
Actually if you want a cheap amp under a 1000 used that can definitely power the Extremas.
The Citation 7.1 4-ch amplifier is a great choice.
The key is to bridge the amp to 2 channels.
When you bridge the amp to 2 channels its 450 watts.
This is one high current amp that sounds sweet.
Thabx Twilo:

I heard that a pair Meridian 557 (bridged) can be a good match whith Extrema.But I want something ligheter(in weight and money)
can u please explain why u think Class D amp isn't a good chooice for the extrema?
U wrote they small but there are very powerful moudle out there ,for exmaple Gregm mentioned Hypex,the 400AD module is very powerful - 400 RMS into 4ohm.
About the PRE - Do u think tube pre amp will be good?
Any recommendations?not expenssive one cause most of my budget goes for the Extrema.

Thanx U all
Scubidubi, if cost really is that big a factor, then maybe you should delay your purchase of the Extremas and continue to save until you have more flexibility in what you can purchase. It's not as if used Extremas won't be available anytime in the near future.

For what it's worth, I auditioned the Extremas with the Meridian monos and while I was very impressed I ultimately did not warm to the sound. It was very dynamic, detailed, spacious, etc., but it wasn't enjoyable. Although they sound different it's the same reaction I have when listening to certain Wilson Watt/Puppy combos. I respect them, but I don't love them. By comparison I thought the Cremonas were wonderfully satisfying. YMMV.

Good luck!
what's with all this talk about WATTS?? are we talking about the same speaker?? SUMIKO at the stereophile show used an audio research solid state stereo amp; i believe it put out 200 watts per channel. certainly no more than that. i will admit that they also used an SME-30 turntable which is considered one of the best in the world. they also used a copeland tube preamp, and ocos wire. but by no means do you need mega-watt amps to drive these speakers. you would need a QUALITY amp however. as dave wilson would say, you can drive the WAMM'S (gigantic four-cabinet array) with 50-100 watts as long as the amp has a reputation for sounding like music. i'm no wilson audio nut, but this is true. now, apogee's were known for needing tremendous power into 2 ohms, and i would never argue about that (due to their ribbon technology). anyway, i do NOT recommend amplifiers, as this is a personal choice. but if you like the extremas, i do too. the end.
Hi People - I open this thread about the extrema.
I just sold my speakers and I'm willing to decide ,but need some help here.
Well...Another pair of speaker come in mind now...
The CREMONA , I'd like to know what u thinking about it.
I know the extrema is totaly diff but still can u tell me what u think about it,I just guessing its in the same level of price right?(I dunnu what's for the Cremona)

Thanx people
can refer to my previous message.
Sorry Im asking all that Q .... I guess all this search for the best speaker make me sleep less lately.
well.. I still think the extrema is my first chooice,but i also checking other to make my extrema chooice even safer.
I think the cremona looks amazning too- I heard once but i dont remember how they soundm,what do u think can i even compar the Extrema to the Cremona- i dont know how much they should cost as used ,can anyone help?

Another thing- The extrema saler told me he lost the Jumpers (The one for the bridge between the LF and th HF),As i told u my budget me allow me only one Merdian 557 (though I'll get another one in about 6 mounth).
WHat can I do without those jumpers?how much it cost me(for orginal ones).
Anyway sorry guys for the too many Q ,I hope u udnerstand.
One thing I forgot to mention, their were 2 versions of the Meridian 557 amp. Version 1 and Version 2.
From what I remember, you can only bridge them if their the same versions.
So if you have version 1 and version 2, you cant bridge them.
Thanx Twilo,DO u know if theres a diff ?what should be better?
and another important Q, Do I need very large place to the Extrema?
Can anyabosy recomend on some nice cheap Pre?
thought about the CJ maybe the pv6 or pv10.