Sonus Faber Extremas with Krell FPB 600?

Anyone have any thoughts on this possible match?
Hello Jman, I have a pair of Amati Homage, and after speaking with Sonus Faber in Italy, solid state amps are still the best match for Sonus Faber Speakers. All I know is that these speakers are extremely power hungry! FPB 600 will be a very good match with your Extremas. Also try Pass Lab or Mark Levinson! I run my with the Levinson 33H.
Hi Ya, i know someone that has the Sonus Faber Extremas. The Krell FPB 600 will sound awesome on the Sonus Faber Extremas. The Extremas do need power. My friend is using the Meridian 557 Amps bridged with the Meridian 502 Preamp. His system sounds amazing. That Skanning Midbase on the Extremas is unbelievable. It sounds so sweet and articulate. The Esotar tweeter also sounds great.
Oh Yes, i wouldn't use a Tube Amp on the Extremas. Thanks [email protected]
No tubes on Sonus Faber ..period...Franco himself likes/prefers ss amps from Spectral and Goldmund....
Jman,I'm using a McCormack DNA II with the Revision A mod.My preamp is an Audio Research LS-10.The speakers love power. Whatever you buy go for the power.
Why do you all not want tubes with the Fabers. I run the new Grand Piano Home series with my Conrad Johnson Premier 11A with stunning results. An acquaintance of mine runs Extremas with the CJ Premier 12 monoblocks (and previously with Sonic Frontiers Power2). I must assume that you are all solid state types and therefore discount the quality of tube sound. I can assure you that Fabers like tubes....very much.
I'm with Mfgrep. I have the SF Electa Amatours (originals). After trying several S.S. amps I too wound up with the CJ Premier 11A. The difference between the CJ & all of the S.S. amps I tried was literaly night & day. Tubes really get the Sonus Fabers to sing. I've owned solid state amps for several years & once I made that transition to tubes I personaly could never go back to S.S. Talk to Jim at Sumiko. He uses the C.J. Premier 8 monos with his own personal Extremas. Theres a guy who is in the Industry... has the opportunity to try just about anything & wound up with tubes. Because of the inefficiency of the Extremas, tubes are going to be more expensive but well worth it. You guys using S.S. owe it to yourselfs to try tubes. You won't be sorry..
I'm already on my second tube amp(s) on these speaks and my feeling is that solid state will be a better match..Pass Labs X350 is something I should consider as well..anyone heard it?
Don't know about the Extremas, but my Guarneir's sound a lot better (i.e., magical midrange, awesome highs) with tubes thant with SS. I wnet from Bryston 7 BST monos to Aronov monos and do not miss the Brystons at all.
I own a pair of Extremas and use a Krell. It sounds great. If your room is big or you like music loud, you need 200 watts per channel. If your room is small and you don't listen to loud music, you can get away with 100 watts per channel. Loud, low frequencies require a lot of current (amps not watts) which the Krell (among others) can deliver.
The Extrema is different for the other models when it comes to power do to the crossover configuration. I think it is because it doesnt use compaciters. All the above mentioned amps are very laid back with the exception of the Krell. I use dual Classe CA-400's which are also laid back. I have used many amplifiers on these and as important as power is quality amplification is more important.
I had tried (yes, bought them and used them for months) SF Power 3, Classe CA-400, McCormack DNA-2 Deluxe, and Krell FPB300. Guess what, SF Power 3 brings out the magic of Extrema the most despite a little soft on bottom. I no longer have Extrema, but I found something better.