Best power match with Sonus Extrema ?

I am looking for the best power to my new Extremas.
I use PSAudio PWDII and a Macintosh c2200 pre.
I would like to get the most neutral and detailed sound
I tried a few big "names" (Krell, ML, Manley) - no success.
Please let me know your advice.


Years ago (aound 1991 or so) I heard the Extrema's powered by a big Gryphon class A amplifier, and it was a really good match. Hopefully other owners of the speakers will chime in. Good luck in your quest.
I know someone who owns Extremas and uses Pass Labs (also big SS amps operating largely in Class A). I also know someone who uses Burmester.

I used to own SF Guarneris and Stradivaris...and agree with Rcprince. I owned them with Gryphon Antileon.

That said, the Extrema is quite different from Antileon...Why did you not like Krell/ML? That might help us understand what you are looking for (at least by understand what you were missing or what you objected to in their sound).
I heard a marvelous system with the Extremas driven by Meridien monos.
A friend uses the Lamm 2.2 hybrid mono blocks.
Beautiful system.
The Extremas sound best with high powered solid state amps?
Which Krell and Levinson amps did you hear them on?
I would think they would sound good on the Extremas?
I also heard the Extremas with Meridian amps at the Stereophile show in 96.
I heard two 557 amps bridged which were like 600 watts on the Extremas. This system sounded so rich and sweet.
The bass was fast and tight.
I used to own the Extremas and powered them with Mark Levinson 20.6 mono amp. The combo was awesome. I regret selling the Extremas. The person who I sold the speakers uses big McIntosh SS mono amps.
Sorry...for clarity's sake, i meant to type "...the Extrema is quite different from the Stradivari". i was referring to the fact that the Gryphon Antileon and Strad worked very well together. I do think the Extrema is slightly different as with the rest of that generation Sonus Faber. Still think Gryphon would be excellent, but note the differences in the 'voice' of the 2 speakers.
The Bel Canto REF 500 MkII are really nice. They sound similar to tubes but are class D. Very cool running and musical. Also Ayre electronics sound nice. I recently matched the Bel Canto with the Cremona M with excellent results.
Agree with lloydelee that the Gryphon is a great match with the Extremas. I just acquired the burmester 808 and 911 monos and they are also a superb match for my extremas. Have never heard the extremas sound so good.
Nice Thf99!!! Congrats and enjoy!
Thf99, how do you like the Skaaning midbase on the Extremas? The Skaaning midbase on the Extremas is a Carbon Fiber Polypropelene midbase. This is the best sounding midbase I ever heard. It has a richness that no other midbase has. I like it better then the new Skaaning midbases which are 100 percent Polypropelene.
The Skaaning is a fantastic unit. It is like a great vintage tuner of yesteryears. "richness" it has in spades and it is one of the best ever made.
My mono 911s really bring out the best from the Skaaning driver.