Seeking high quality lightweight head shells

In order to achieve the best performance from a cartridge, TT, arm and head shell all play an important role. I recently purchased the Sound Smith Ebony Voice MI cartridge. I'm planning to mount it on an SME 3012R tone arm. I understand given the cartridge parameters and its nominal 1 gram tracking, I need a good lightweight head shell. Can anyone direct me to a site or otherwise good source for a premium head shell? BTW, the cart is a medium compliance type. Your guidance is much appreciated.
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I also use an Orsonic headshell, although it says Audioquest on it. It's likely the AV-1.
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I recently did some research into this, and here's what I found (weight in grams):

Jelco 12
Technics 7.5 (7.65 actual on my scale)
Zupreme 12 (w/wires)
Yamamato HS1A 10.4
Yamamato HS3 8.2
Clearaudio Stability 12
Sumiko HS-12 11.2 w/o lift, 12.6 w/lift actual on my scale)
LPGear 7.5 / 8

The ad to the Orsonic listed above says its weight is 11 grams.
Hesson's research aligns with my own experience. So far the Technics headshell is the lightest I've come across. But spend the $15.95 and replace the leads with HPOFC ones.

The medium compliance version of the Voice has a compliance of 22, which is on the high side of medium. It weighs 6.8g. The effective mass of the stock SME 3012 R tonearm is 14g with its standard headshell, so total effective mass is about 21g. This cart-arm match creates a 7 to 8 Hz resonance which is at the low end of the ideal zone. If the Technics shell can reduce the effective mass by a couple of grams, it'll put the resonant peak solidly in 8 Hz territory, which is closer to ideal.

No other headshell is lighter than the Technics, though there are a couple of wooden Yamamoto headshells (boxwood perhaps?) that come in at 8 g which should be close enough.

Dear Frontier1: Through ebay you can find from high quality and in the weight range you want it:

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Dear Frontierl: Btw, IMHO you can use any headshell weight where the cartridge makes the best match ( of course that the tonearm can handle the headshell weight. ), don't worry about the resonant frequency between tonearm/cartridge, that resonant frequency value can't tell you anything about the quality performance of that cartridge/tonearm combination.

If you have time please read this:

Btw, Johnnyb53, you can find from Denon a 5grs headshell and from Audio Technica a 6 grs. headshell too.

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Regards and enjoy the music,