lightweight power cable for a linn 1.1 cd player

all the cables i have are heavy and pull the player down in the back. any sugg. thanks
crystal cables are both very light and superb..there are different lines to satisfy any price range..hope this helps..
naim tibia
You need to be careful with certain Linn components, especially disc players that contain switching power supplies.There has been numerous reports that after market power cords, even very well regarded ones can often make these components sound worse. I know Linn doesn't recommend the use of after market power cords for any of their equipment that contains a switch mode power supply.

Other than that, despite their large diameter the Shunyata power cords are very lightweight and extremely flexible. Never heard of anyone using a powersnake on a Linn before so I have no idea how it would sound.
If the switching power supplies of Linn can create probs with some power cords, I suggest that in the Shunyata line you try out the VX variants rather than the alphas. . . they contain granules of a Ferro-Silicon compound that filters out high frequency hash. G.
I have a Linn Ikemi and have found very little difference in the sound of after market power cords. I had a Purist Audio rev.b on it, yes it was very difficult to keep it from dragging the Ikemi off of the shelf! There was not an improvement with this PC. I have had an AZ Krakatoa on it, and have a VH Audio flavor 4. I prefer the flavor 4 over the others and it is light. If I weren't ADD, OCD, I could have been content with the stock PC.
thanks all.