Looking for a Thin Lightweight PowerCord for Digital

Please list your recommendations. 16 or 14 gauge or smaller. Price range $200-$700 New or Used
Nordost Vishnu or Brahma are easily available used, very flexible and work well with digital components
Check out Audience Au24 SE - LP or MP PC, neutral, detailed and very flexible. 

If you into DIY, I would look into Furutech FP-S022N (14AWG) with Furutech connectors. Chris at VH Audio is a great resource, should you have any questions. 

Good luck! 
Aftermarket power cords are a clever marketing ploy to get the gullible to spend their shekels! Speaking from long experience (40+ years!).
AU 24 SE MP mentioned above is good choice and very flexible..... but my first pick would be the new LessLoss C-MARC power cord....it is the most flexible power cable I have ever seen and sounds superb on my DAC/PRE.  It also has the tightest gripping IEC end of any cord I've tried.  In your price range as well...