Schiit Mani - any opinions ?

Anyone out there have one of these?

Is it a good starter phono stage ?

How does it compare to the Musical Fidelity v90 LPS


Have you also considered the PS Audio GCPH?  $500-$600 on the used market, flexible, high quality, entry level phono stage.
It's a Piece of Schiit.
i ve used the mani for a couple of months now and am quite pleased with it, has great detail, pace, good bass, not overly so, i think its faults are of omission then commission, I some times get some overload on the highs, but the sound stage is very good, I'm impressed by this phono preamp, really.. does take a little time to warm up but when it does, easily listen for hours..  my system is scout 1.1, sonic frontiers sfl-1, krell 200s with straight wire virtuoso thru out  won't be sorry for such a minor investment, believe me I think its that good.       Regards  
chiming in here since I've had a week to really hear this piece of Schiit. As a replacement while my $2500 retail unit is in the shop, I find it to be a great value.
As anything else, great sound is the the sum of all pieces. For $150,  good enough to hold me over. My opinion also takes into account owning a1K retail unit as well. 

If I didn't need the extra gain, I would have considered the Orbit for even less money.

Thanks guys - much appreciated.

My friend ended up purchasing one, but his vintage receiver is  getting "renovated" (new caps, cleaning pots etc..), so he has not had a chance to listen to it yet.

He'll appreciate the feedback