Schiit Bifrost Multibit or Denafrips Ares?

Schiit Bifrost Multibit or Denafrips Ares? Roughly the same price range. Which is the more analog sounding dac for redbook? For streaming? Comparisons with respect to tonality, linearity, imaging, bass and treble extension, etc would be most helpful. Which has the more involving, non-fatiguing sound character? Alternatives in the same price range, used or new? I listen to folk, classical and jazz -- mostly acoustic music. Mid bass palpability is seminally important. I use Merlin speakers, SS monoblocks and a tube preamp. Thanks, Audiogoners.
I have not heard the Schiit but have owned the Ares which I rate very highly in the areas of sound stage and tonality. The bass went really deep and the treble was nicely rounded without sounding restrained. It was very non-fatiguing and revealed more of the music across the spectrum than the Rega DAC that it replaced.
The Schiit Bifrost Multibit was the only other DAC I was considering at the time based on all of the reviews I read. The only reason I no longer have the Ares is that I upgraded to the Pontus which has all of the above traits and better and is well worth considering if you can manage the extra outlay.

Having said that, I have no doubt that you will happy with the Ares.

I only listen to digital music via Roon, Tidal and FLAC ripped CDs on an Antipodes server/streamer through valve amps and Klipschorns or Zu speakers.

Happy hunting!
Looking at the Denafrips Pontus as well. Schiit has a return policy I think... does Mike Powell Audio in the US offer anything? If they both offer a return policy might be best to try them both in your own system if that’s an option.
Hi Guys, I do offer a return policy for full store credit. you must understand Denafrips is a factory direct model just like Shiit, but I;m over here as a service /warranty center and sales rep. I make 10 points only which is measly on something under $1K, I did it to gain notoriety for Mike Powell Audio, Verastarr, and my youtube channel  . Normally i represent the other end of the industry, where DAC's are $20K, I still do, though with my knowledge I am able to mod the cheap units with world class gear to compare with. My next project on the YT channel will be to put together the least expensive killer rig I can. I'm pretty adept at tuning so I believe I will be able to make something incredible. Most likely Baby Magnepan Dena Ares, if you guys dont know about the baby Goldmund Clone that was a flop by Nuforce, its discounted down to a measley $500 on Amazon and is FOR SURE the best amp youll buy for $500. In fact buy 2 and biamp .Preamp will be a Khozmo most likely, Streamer will be the Allo Digi one.. I'll bet for around $3K we can hit a mini world class rig.. 
Mike, I sent you an email about the Ares... 

Another dac on my horizon in the same $ballpark is the MHDT Canary. Comments?
To clarify, my rig consists of Merlin MMI speakers, Tube Audio Design SS monoblocks (hibachi), Modwright 9.0 SE preamp, CEC TL-51 transport and a Tube Audio Design tube dac (tadac),
Agree with ianroger. The Ares, I remember, sounded very musical, it did away with digital glare. It got me interested in R2R dacs and I’ve never looked back.
Correction: the MHDT Orchid,
Anybody have a chance to hear the Ares II ? Considering this or perhaps the Bifrost Multibit w/Unison USB?
What are looking to gain over the Tube Audio Design DAC?
Bought a MHDT Orchid dac. Happy. Then bought a 5670 to 6922 adapter. Even happier.
What did the adapter accomplish? Different tube?
Yes, allows use of a 6922 in a circuit designed for a 5670. A superior valve.