Soekris ApS dac1101 another discrete R2R Multibit dac.

They’re coming from everywhere , got to give this one it’s own thread. As I’ve been following his development progress on DiyAudio forums for some time now.
Selling price is great, but postage to Australia could make some hold back, bit steep for something so small that weighs nothing.
This link can be buggy, could be his server, you’ll get there if you keep trying.

Cheers George
Ordered one today to replace my Centance dac. Interested to hear R2R difference.
Very interested in your findings on this one - the BB1704 is getting impossible to find so this might be an alternative 

good listening

If Aussie's buy it, there's a difference in shipping between getting it from Europe which is $50usd cheaper than the US.

Cheers George  
Shipped today, expected tomorrow.

Ok I need some help. The Soekris dac will connect to a Mac mini via usb. Should I insert a usb isolator like the one made by the Intona, or use the Sonore MicroRendu?

@4hannons Vearing a bit off-topic, but the any dac fed by Mac Mini's USB would sound better with a USB isolator. A Sonore microRendu would sound better still, but it has only ethernet input and needs to be fed music that is either streamed via internet or stored on a network drive(aka NAS) and connected to the microRendu's ethernet input. The Mac has no place in that chain. Cheers,
Thanks sbank, bought the microRendu with LPS. 
Straight out-of-the-box the Soekris lifted a vail from the music. I heard greater separation of vocals from the instruments, better placement of sounds, slightly wider soundstage. Every song sounds different, clearer, smoother, right.

What a great experience to hear this profound change! Ive spent almost three years with my current DAC thinking I had it good. I didn't.

I haven't yet set up the network audio streamer, want to compare apples-to-apples right now.

A few more hours burn in may reveal more changes. I'll post more later. Schiit Yggdrasil should be arriving in a few days...

Yggdrasil should be arriving in a few days...
R2R Multibit shootout, love it!!!!!

Cheers George
Great, keep the comments coming, @4hannons