Soekris ApS dac1101 another discrete R2R Multibit dac.

They’re coming from everywhere , got to give this one it’s own thread. As I’ve been following his development progress on DiyAudio forums for some time now.
Selling price is great, but postage to Australia could make some hold back, bit steep for something so small that weighs nothing.
This link can be buggy, could be his server, you’ll get there if you keep trying.

Cheers George
Ordered one today to replace my Centance dac. Interested to hear R2R difference.
Very interested in your findings on this one - the BB1704 is getting impossible to find so this might be an alternative 

good listening

If Aussie's buy it, there's a difference in shipping between getting it from Europe which is $50usd cheaper than the US.

Cheers George  
Ok I need some help. The Soekris dac will connect to a Mac mini via usb. Should I insert a usb isolator like the one made by the Intona, or use the Sonore MicroRendu?

@4hannons Vearing a bit off-topic, but the any dac fed by Mac Mini's USB would sound better with a USB isolator. A Sonore microRendu would sound better still, but it has only ethernet input and needs to be fed music that is either streamed via internet or stored on a network drive(aka NAS) and connected to the microRendu's ethernet input. The Mac has no place in that chain. Cheers,
Straight out-of-the-box the Soekris lifted a vail from the music. I heard greater separation of vocals from the instruments, better placement of sounds, slightly wider soundstage. Every song sounds different, clearer, smoother, right.

What a great experience to hear this profound change! Ive spent almost three years with my current DAC thinking I had it good. I didn't.

I haven't yet set up the network audio streamer, want to compare apples-to-apples right now.

A few more hours burn in may reveal more changes. I'll post more later. Schiit Yggdrasil should be arriving in a few days...

Yggdrasil should be arriving in a few days...
R2R Multibit shootout, love it!!!!!

Cheers George

If you are a purchaser of the rev 1, see this thread on DiyAudio:

Original purchasers of the rev 1 dac boards purchased them assuming, based on the initial sales pitch, that they were finished, tested, functions as advertised, products. Only afterwards did Soekris Engineering admit they were beta tests boards with design issues and did not live up to his initial claims. He has refused to offer any refunds, credits, etc. despite a classic bait and switch.

If you were a victim of Soekris Engineering’s dishonest business practices, contact me.

"If you were a victim of Soekris Engineering’s dishonest business practices, contact me".

Are you an attorney kuribo?
No, but I am in discussions with one...And am building a file for the Danish equivalent of the BBB,
Sorry I don't mean to hijack this thread but as a potential Soekris customer - not diy but their finished but yet to be shipped DACs, is this an isolated case of diy poor information disclosure or a broader/more frequent case of irresponsible customer service?
I personally don't like discussing this sort of topics on open forums especially for isolated cases which may not be an accurate reflection of the vendor in question. But someone else opened the door and I ask for selfish reasons.
I have heard from several people about it.

Keep in mind that he basically used the membership at to troubleshoot and fix the bugs in his rev 1 dac, which he later admitted to being a test bed that shouldn't be compared to other dacs. It was a beta test cleverly disguised as a finished product. He incorporated the work the membership did, which would have cost him thousands in R&D, into the later versions. In other words, he put out a shoddy product and let everyone else fix it for him.

Most responsible, professional companies would have done the right thing and repaired or replaced, or offered trade credit. He told his customers to fix it themselves and then insulted them when they called him on it....I can't recommend doing business with such a company. I would proceed with great caution.

Not again, now he is making noise here after his bashing got booted from, sorry to expose everybody here for that....

He purchased four pcs rev1 dam1021-01 DIY DAC boards in Jan 2015. In Sept 2016 he emailed and asked to return the units for a full refund, as he "was overwhelmed", which I of course couldn't do, those were pretty old boards, the dam1021 was then at rev 4.... Instead I offered to update them for $25 per board, but he declined that.

The dam1021 started life as a test bench for my R-2R Sign Magnitude DAC Technology, it turned out to be great so I decided to offer them to the DIY community at a pretty low cost. Over time it got improved, like all new products, with suggestions for hardware improvements and free firmware updates.

Apparently he got pissed with me and are now throwing around all kinds of accusations. If you believe him just a little bit I can recommend you to read the main dam1021 thread at, but it's kinda pretty long....
I bet you are sorry and you should be for ripping people off with your false and misleading advertising. Yes, the original thread is long because it is all about all the design issues people found with the rev 1. I encourage people to check that out. Notice how Soekris used the members to debug and improve his product for him, saving him thousands in R&D. Clever.

Yes I am pissed, and I am not the only one. People don't like false advertising and products that don't live up to the claims made by companies, especially those who won't stand behind their products but rather insult and spread lies.

I emailed and stated clearly that they weren’t as advertised. You replied that it was a DIY product and I should fix them myself. Yes, I said I was overwhelmed. DIY doesn’t mean fix it yourself!

I did not ask to return them. I asked for a credit on the purchase of the new version or that you repair them. Yes, you offered to repair them- for $100 and postage!

Show me where your original sales ad for the rev 1 says it was a "test bench". It doesn’t, rather, it calls it a "reference quality dac" with "sound quality will be the absolute best, better than any Delta Sigma DAC, in class with discrete DAC’s from totaldac and msb technology."

You admit it was flawed and can’t be compared to other dacs with this comment:

"We all agreed that the stock rev1 was not perfect, but it was really also a test engine for the core R-2R technology, it’s not really fair comparing with that one.... "

"Really a test engine", not a reference quality dac. You should have made that clear up front instead of misleading people into thinking it was a finished, professional product. If you had any integrity you would have done the right thing and offered to repair them without charge. Instead you insult and spread more lies, all over $100. Pretty short sighted in light of all the time you are wasting hopping around all the internet forums lying to people. Would have been far simpler to just repair them and have a satisfied customer.

I thought this thread was about the dac 1101? Without taking sides, I really liked my dac1101 when I had it - sold it and own a different (more $$$) dac now. I didn't feel misled when I purchased it, nor at anytime. I would buy Soekris again.
Gentlemen, this is not productive. It sounds like this thread opened a can of worms. I think this sort of arguments are best done off line.
Soekris Engineering has admitted, in their own words, that the rev 1 was not as advertised. There is no disputing this fact. Sadly, when a company is not responsive to its customers and refuses to do the right thing, airing dirty laundry and exposing poor service is really the only avenue left to customers who have been ripped off. I don't want to see anyone else get shafted by Soekris Engineering and am alerting people to how I have been treated so that others don't suffer the same treatment. Please keep this in mind when you consider Soekris Engineering products.

I would like to update this thread with the following news: Soekris Engineering has agreed to update the boards and return them at their expense. I will post again after I receive them back and report on the experience.
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Nothing wrong with Kuribo posting his experience about Soekris or his beef with them.  We all can make our own judgement about trusting this seller or not. You really shouldn't sign up on this forum just to carry on your crusade either. 
PS: there isn't much moderation/monitoring around here lately.
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PS: there isn’t much moderation/monitoring around here lately.
That’s what the "Report This" button is for, to draw attention to it.
I have found it works great if a reasonable concern is reported. And the mods do a great job, keeping it real!

Looks like this got removed from ?, just below kuribo’s last post.
"So you saved 100 bucks, good for you, though I doubt you will ever finish the boards, but rather will just sell them on with a profit. In my opinion your crusade is completely out of order."

Cheers George
I've been a member of this forum since 2001. I have with few exceptions had great experiences with audio companies, such as Hypex, which I have shared as a happy and satisfied customer. When deals go bad and companies aren't responsive, customers have few options available for recourse. Seems some people here don't realize the community service policing vendors does for all. I sure hope all of those pissing and moaning here end up someday with an issue with a vendor so that they can experience first hand what it's like.
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Ktl   your points are well taken.  It looks like that you joined our forum here yesterday.... Did you join only to challenge kuribo?  Do you have any affiliation with Soekris,  directly or Indirectly? 
Kuribo has been a member here for quite some time,  yet you joined yesterday to only put up this post... Just Odd. 
Odd indeed.

Since Soekris has offered to work on the boards I am not going to explain the issue in any further detail. Read the thread on if you want background.

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Weird, the matter appears to be resolved but the guy just wrote a lengthy dissertation and referred to a dictionary!  Some people just have a whole lot of time on their hands I guess.  
So did anyone end up purchasing a Soekris DAC? I was interested in their higher end model 1541. Some reviews would be nice.