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Why would I need Roon?
Roon has been a game changer for me. Especially after the horrible way iTunes /Apple music handled my ripped/downloaded files. Love it.  
A warm DAC?
@surfmark. Couldn’t agree more!  
Qobuz Finally Offers Family Plan
Never mind. Found it. Thx 
Qobuz Finally Offers Family Plan
Do you see an option for a yearly family plan?  
@pmboyd   Thanks. Yea I have bought from Brent in the past. Got my WE 396 D getter from him. Looks like he is out of stock on most of the tubes you mentioned. He has some of the E88CC / 6922 Siemens, West Germany made, 1960s wide getter support po... 
Roon vs the world (streaming software)
Half way through my first year with Roon. Love it. Probably with get the lifetime membership soon.  
@pmboyd   do you have a link to a Siemens 6922? Thanks.  
Has anyone upgraded the caps on their MHDT Orchid?
I upgraded to a Western Electric 396A 2C51 D Getter JW military tube. Big difference over the stock GE tube.  
CD Transport to pair with Audio Note DAC 5 - suggestions?
I don’t have much knowledge of the aforementioned transports. However, I recently bought a Orchid and connected my Oppo 105 to it vis CoAx. Sounds amazing. 
Comparing Powerline Ethernet to WiFi for streaming audio
Yup the power line adaptors all crap out after some time and your left with tons of drops. Especially on HiRez. Finally gave up and had a dedicated Cat6 line run into my Roon Nucleus. Couldn’t be happier.  
Best DAC for around $2,500 or less
MHDT Orchid. Roll into a WE396A D getter. Once you go tube you’ll never need lube.  
OPPO 105 as a streaming source/transport only
@michaela I use my Oppo 105 basically as a transport. I was always fond the of the DAC. However when I bought my Orchid DAC I was so impressed with it I now have my Oppo running through it as well. Noticeable improvement! 
Anyone been able to compare the SQ of Roon Nucleus vs. MacBook Air?
I have my Orchid DAC connected directly into my Nucleus via USB. Sounds sublime, no issues whatsoever. The Nucleus/Roon takes care of my streaming.  
Basic Digital Audio Setup Advice
@travisnordgren. No switch(although it might work) directly from router to Nucleus.  
Basic Digital Audio Setup Advice
@travisnordgren. WiFi works great, until it doesn’t. I have a Orbi mesh and had my nucleus attached to a satellite. Worked great at first. I guess one of my neighbors got the same system and using same channels. Lots of drops from my Nucleus. Inst...