Soekris DAC1541 discrete R2R 27bit Multibit! Best Redbook DAC? and Native DSD.

Here is a new one from the Dane’s, they seem to get things right, a 27bit discrete R2R Multibit.

And here is a s**t load of measurements done on it.

Cheers George
Good find. It does seem impressive. I spent a good 10 minutes and cannot find the cost. Any idea? I note it has configurable filter settings (4?) which is also pretty kewl in that the user can tweak the final "presentation" :)
I spent a good 10 minutes and cannot find the cost.
It says 1290euro in the first link. = $1500usd

I note it has configurable filter settings (4?)
Yes and also I think you can make your own up as well using your computer? And it does native dsd if your into that.

The best part is it has it own volume control also remote’able if you have a $10 Apple remote.
As well as it’s 50ohm output impedance at 2.2v as good as any preamp can be. So direct to amp is the way to go.

Cheers George

It says 1290euro in the first link. = $1500usd

Yes, I missed it. Can't see the forest through the trees I suppose. That price seems a bit "inexpensive". 


Or it’s a bargain. Doesn’t have to clean out your bank account to be good. Just look at the chassis plain and inexpensive, the goods are on the inside, the circuit.

Then look at something like the $15k Aussie dollar Jeff Rowland Continuum 2 amp that has a mega dollar chassis, but a $100 Class-D Chinese amp circuit inside.

Cheers George

Actually, the same dac but without balanced output is the DAC1421 and it’s only 735euro = $853usd.

In those exhaustive tests it said the single ended output measured slightly quieter than the balanced anyway.

Cheers George

FWIW, (likely not all that much), and from what I can gather (without extensive research), the Soekris has been well reviewed elsewhere and found "very clean, precise, and with a black background", but not in the same "class" as Yggdrasil. Specifically, bass, dynamics and soundstage (lacking in comparison).


Note I intentionally used the word "inexpensive" and not "cheap". So I agree with you. It doesn't have to be expensive to be good.
Cool DAC, but there's no US based sales location or site as of yet.

I tried three preamps with my DAC and wasn't very happy with any of them. I have since just hooked my Yggy directly to the amp and I'm very pleased with the sound!

Trouble is... I only have pre-DAC volume control which I have recently read (from George) that anything below 70% volume into a D/A Converter can cause "Bit Stripping". So, looks like I'm getting a Freya. 

I was really just on here searching for any word on good crossover software to replace my physical crossovers, since I plan on replacing my speakers soon. I know I will need new xovers, just no clue where to look.
but there's no US based sales location or site as of yet.

Strange I though it was designed in the US and built in Denmark, you'd think they have a US outlet.

Cheers George 
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I use the Soekris  dam1121-02 R2R in the DAC that I manufacturer and it so far is one of the best sounds I have ever heard.  Happy Listening.