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Ready to pull the trigger on a DD turntable: Technics SL-1210GR or Pioneer PLX1000???
For what it’s worth, the PLX-1000 is my first TT, paired with a Nagaoka MP-150. After owning it a year, I added a Jelco 750D, and Jelco tonearm cable, the Nag 150 seemed to pair well to the Jelco, I heard a big improvement. Then I found a Herron 2... 
turntable upgrade?
@xs1137 I had the same Lounge LCR before moving up to a Herron VTPH-2. The Lounge is a good sounding unit.Tom in Sacramento 
Best used TT for under $1k?
Chakster, maybe you can explain for the OP, and to all of us, the difference in sound between the Pioneer and Technics? This would be most helpful because I've never compared them so I don't know. Also, how could you possibly know that we all purc... 
Best used TT for under $1k?
I have a Pioneer PLX1000 with a Jelco 750D arm, Nagaoka MP 150 cartridge, Herron 2 phono pre. It’s a good table. Tom in Sacramento 
What Is The Best Song That Most People Have Not Heard?
Northern Blues - City and Colour 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
"Timeline" by Kerry LivgrenLivgren is a former member of Kansas. This is his second solo album recorded in 1984 featuring mostly prog rock music. I purchased the CD in the 80’s, but recently found it on vinyl and was surprised by its expansive sou... 
Best cartridge
I decided recently to invest a modest amount in analogue going with a Pioneer PLX-1000 and Nagaoka MP-150. I am pleased with the sound,  and enjoy the novelty of playing a record. Music has become more of an event rather than sometimes being just ... 
Most Musical 6NS7 tube for a Preamp?
I've owned the Don Sachs model 2 and DeHavilland Ultraverve III and compared side-by-side. I sold the Don Sachs.  
A must watch YouTube video on stylus in the groove!!!
I have nothing to add to this conversation except my name is Tom. ~Tom in Sacramento 
Finally Settled on a Preamp—Don Sachs Model 2 Custom Linestage
I sold my DS2 last year, and kept the deHavilland. The person who bought it says they are very happy. YMMV. ~Tom 
NYC audio dealers
Fantastic, seems you found something better to do this time, I would've died to see Dylan, especially #17. I'm a huge fan of Slow Train Comin'. 
NYC audio dealers
@john_g How did you enjoy NYC? Find any good places? 
NYC audio dealers
I love NYC, each year my wife works at NYU in January for a few days and I always go with her. This year I plan to visit World of McIntosh https://worldofmcintosh.com/  that I learned about recently and am very excited about. Other than that, unfo... 
Ended my Qobuz subscription
I try to learn a new word every day - I must say so far it’s going immensely.New subscriber to Tidal, enjoying it a lot. 
Holo Audio Spring DAC LEVEL 3 Vs. iFi Audio Pro iDSD DAC and Music Streamer
@auxinput - I reread my comment; I was careful to paraphrase you correctly. Your suspicions that day were off, the HOLO is not bright. You’re a well respected member. Your opinion in this instance actually hurts more than helps, I’m sure you can s...