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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
"Timeline" by Kerry LivgrenLivgren is a former member of Kansas. This is his second solo album recorded in 1984 featuring mostly prog rock music. I purchased the CD in the 80’s, but recently found it on vinyl and was surprised by its expansive sou... 
Best cartridge
I decided recently to invest a modest amount in analogue going with a Pioneer PLX-1000 and Nagaoka MP-150. I am pleased with the sound,  and enjoy the novelty of playing a record. Music has become more of an event rather than sometimes being just ... 
Most Musical 6NS7 tube for a Preamp?
I've owned the Don Sachs model 2 and DeHavilland Ultraverve III and compared side-by-side. I sold the Don Sachs.  
A must watch YouTube video on stylus in the groove!!!
I have nothing to add to this conversation except my name is Tom. ~Tom in Sacramento 
Finally Settled on a Preamp—Don Sachs Model 2 Custom Linestage
I sold my DS2 last year, and kept the deHavilland. The person who bought it says they are very happy. YMMV. ~Tom 
NYC audio dealers
Fantastic, seems you found something better to do this time, I would've died to see Dylan, especially #17. I'm a huge fan of Slow Train Comin'. 
NYC audio dealers
@john_g How did you enjoy NYC? Find any good places? 
NYC audio dealers
I love NYC, each year my wife works at NYU in January for a few days and I always go with her. This year I plan to visit World of McIntosh https://worldofmcintosh.com/  that I learned about recently and am very excited about. Other than that, unfo... 
Ended my Qobuz subscription
I try to learn a new word every day - I must say so far it’s going immensely.New subscriber to Tidal, enjoying it a lot. 
Holo Audio Spring DAC LEVEL 3 Vs. iFi Audio Pro iDSD DAC and Music Streamer
@auxinput - I reread my comment; I was careful to paraphrase you correctly. Your suspicions that day were off, the HOLO is not bright. You’re a well respected member. Your opinion in this instance actually hurts more than helps, I’m sure you can s... 
Holo Audio Spring DAC LEVEL 3 Vs. iFi Audio Pro iDSD DAC and Music Streamer
Huh? HOLO Spring L3 has silver wire and therefore probably bright/clinical? And you've never heard a HOLO? I've never read such a ridiculous statement. Or have I?Actually I have...and sadly, lots of times...always on this Forum. Too many people as... 
3 great tube preamps. Which would you purchase?
Of the three you mentioned I've only owned the DS.  If you're looking to "round off" the sound -- not sure what you mean except maybe you need a little smoothness or sweetness?  IME, the DS has great detail that pairs better with a tube amp than i... 
Schiit Bifrost Multibit or Denafrips Ares?
Agree with ianroger. The Ares, I remember, sounded very musical, it did away with digital glare. It got me interested in R2R dacs and I’ve never looked back. 
Preamp Input for Coincident system - Don Sachs, deHavilland, LTA, Joule Electra?
Glad you came back! Maybe try a tube pre next?  I've never heard the Truth, but looking it up online it seems constructed similarly to a passive pre I own,  the Lightspeed Attenuator,  which has a super clean sound, very low or no  coloration. I l... 
Best Mods for a Mac-mini used as a Music Server
+1 MicroRendu +1 sbank