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Empirical Audio Synchro mesh reclocker, anybody?
I owned the Offramp 3 for a few years ago, it very much improved the sound of my dac. But then my focus shifted, and I sold it; having fun now comparing  pre-amps. I'll probably circle back to Empirical next year to see what's new. Steve's website... 
Krell KSA100 vs Threshold 400A vs McCormack DNA 0.5
@Aux - very considerate observation on behalf of the OP; this forum needs more people like you. I have to agree about detail in the McCormack DNA. I describe it as clear because "overly-detailed" seems such a derogatory term for an amp design that... 
Don Sachs 2 vs. deHavilland Ultraverve 3
"...if on a spectrum of “tubey-ness” where solid state, or the Pass, is 0 and super tubey is 10, where would you place the Sachs and deHavilland?"I don’t know how to best answer...I’ve owned mostly solid state, and my best audition of tubes happen... 
Don Sachs 2 vs. deHavilland Ultraverve 3
East coast, oh well.Fair warning, I might repeat myself from the post. I’m not a professional reviewer and don’t consider myself particularly adept at describing audio differences. I hear what I hear and try to put it into words.One thing I didn’t... 
McCormack DNA 0.5 Gold or what?
FWIW, my DNA-1 Rev A  has the harmless thump on power up.  I had SMc do some upgrades in 2014 where it was also fully tested and "ready to go", while having the thump, they didn't mention it.  The amp has worked flawlessly for me for years. I'm no... 
Don Sachs 2 vs. deHavilland Ultraverve 3
Swing, I currently own both of those pre-amps. I could invite you for a listen if you live near Sacramento.My impressions on both are found in this thread:https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/need-tube-preamp-recommendations-please 
Denafrips maybe have a second thought.
When I owned the Ares I had no problems, probably should have kept it as it was not expensive but sounded very good. Coincidentally, I have a Holo Spring too, which I'm definitely keeping.  
Mccormack dna-1 protection problem
Have you checked the fuses? It has 5 total, 4 inside and one near the IEC. 
Need tube preamp recommendations please
sounds, wig, wynn,I agree with you on all accounts. I’m probably only keeping the Pass and selling the other two, here’s why: first, I need a pre that can remain powered on 24/7 -- my system is configured in a way that I can play music at a moment... 
Modwright 9.0 swl ss rectified .....and Don Sachs 6sn7 pre
ya...not taking off, oh well... I’m sure you’ve seen the other posts recently mentioning Don Sachs -- there’s a few now. I posted a long-ish comparison a few days ago directly comparing it with Pass and DeHavilland. In short, the Don Sachs sounds ... 
Modwright 9.0 swl ss rectified .....and Don Sachs 6sn7 pre
Never had the pleasure of hearing the MW 9.0, but I have a Don Sachs with a DNA 1 amp that I like very  much. 
Changes that made a difference (in order of effect).
Biggest impact was upgrading the DAC. Everything matters, but it all begins at the source...which I realize sounds like a dumb statement, source/beginning, duh.  
Are your amp comparison’s level adjusted?
I personally wouldn't find this device worth the cost. It seems better to  compare components over a span of time. Quick comparisons reveal differences, but don't tell the whole story. YMMV. 
Preamp under $2,000 used
Initm, I’ve never owned Conrad Johnson, but heard it recently at a dealer...very rich and full sounding, but a bit too soft, I like a punchier sound with dynamics and detail. Music should be fun to listen! I currently own tube and ss pre’s. I don’... 
Preamp under $2,000 used
Initm, thank you, understood. There are so many rabbit holes to go down in audio. As soon as you think you have your pre where you want, then you begin to question your source, or cables, or whatever. Therefore, I have a question for you: when you...