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Best speaker cables for Creek 5350SE/MA Silver RS6
When I purchased my RS6 I was told that Tara Labs worked well, never got around to trying them. I've mostly used older Transparent cables or Anti-cables; neither biwired. I'm interested in hearing how the MIT T2's would sound. BTW, I'm impressed w... 
Ugh, what to do, what to do... DAC
The Centrance Dacmini looks interesting for $795; I have mine on order. Current users say it has smooth mids and highs. I'm hoping they're correct. 
Album Of The Year 2011
2011 has been really good and I'm not even sure I can say there is just one album of the year for me. "Portugal The Man", "Black Keys", "Atlas Sound" and "Abigail Washburn" all had very good efforts. However, I really the like the new release by "... 
Any good Contemporary Christian recordings
I think Mutemath is purpoted to be a "christian" band. I'm somewhat new to their music, recently purchasing their latest album "Odd Soul". ItÂ’s a great album from beginning to end. 
Rega Brio R bright???
@Ryder. The Rega sounded good at what I consider a comfortably high level. Maybe it was the right amp for the right speaker? Or maybe it was the room? Which was only about 14x10, not much acoustic treatment and no back wall as it opened up to the ... 
Rega Brio R bright???
I was recently at a dealer in Eureka, Ca. listening to the Brio R powering Maggie 1.7. It sounded fairly neutral with tremedous detail, and a good value for what it is. I wouldn't characterize the sound as bright. 
Help choosing speakers
Second the RS6 
help with music?
If you loved PF, then you'll probably love Porcupine Tree; especially Deadwing and In Absentia.For rock, try any of the following bands:Alter Bridge, Black Keys, Big Sugar, Darker My Love, Foo Fighters, Paul Gilbert, The Greenhornes, Jonny Lang, J... 
Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........
Portugal. The Man "In the Mountain In the Clouds" 
B&W 805 or Monitor Audio Silver for Creek 5350SE?
The RS/6 can perform AMAZINGLY well if you pair them with high-end products, especially Ayre and Linn products -- which is what I heard them on when I first fell in love. I'm still chasing that sound trying to get away with using lower priced gear... 
Best Towers Under $1500 for beginner system
Another vote for Monitor RS6, excellent for A/V or 2 channel, you can probably find it used for $600-700. There's no difference in sound whatsoever of the RS6 when I compared it to the newer RX6 (I've owned the RS6 for a while). I recently auditio...