I have recently come across a few websites that have SACD downloads that can be Burned onto DVD-R and saved as an SACD-R. They sound INCREDIBLE!

Unfortunately, this has started me down a new path of component searching.

There are not many machines that play these discs, mostly newer BluRay players: Oppo, Marantz, DENON, Sony...

I have auditioned a Primare BD32 that has set the bar in my system for sound quality, but I do not need any of the Video or Multi-channel features of the unit, not do I really want to spend $6,000.

So, I am wondering if anyone else has gone down this road yet.

If so, is there an up-to-date list of compatible SACD-R players somewhere?

I am interested in knowing if the some of these models are compatible:
Marantz SA-8004
Yamaha CD-S1000
Pioneer Elite PD-D9MK2-K
In order to create SACD-R you need to bypass strong copy protection and create pit-width modulation that player is looking for. AFAIK there is no hardware that can do that.
Please provide a link to one of these sites with the downloads.
Paul McGowan was just writing on this in his posts in PS Audio. SACD is a rare animal and Sony has done everything in their power to protect it.
I do have & like SACD's. However, the effort you are talking about with SACD-R just isn't worth it. The cost to burn them is probably prohibative as well.
Since the format is stuck at 24/100, a really nice used player should sound as good as a newer unit. Save some money on the player and burning and spend it on buying discs.
List of SACD-R players:

One way to burn them:

There are others.

I have tested:

DENON DBT-1713UDP, 5-10, sound was just ok.

Sony BD590, 1-10. Might as CD's sounded better through my CD player than SACD through this.

Yamaha BD-A1020, 6-10, just a slight bit better than the DENON.

Maranz UD7007, 9.5-10, almost as good as the Primare, but much less$. This machine really sounds amazing! Very well built as well.

Oppo 95, 8-10, good, but certainly not as great as all the hype is. Sounded a bit flatt with SACD, 24Bit FLAC was very good though.

Primare BD32 is my refence point still 10-10.

No 2ch CD/SACD players were compatable unfortunately:
Yamaha, Pioneer, Marantz...In order to play SACD-R the player must be able to read DVD-R discs. So, only BD/SACD players could read them. This is really unfortunate since I have no TV in my 2ch room. And, the BD players do not have a true DSD DAC like some of the 2CH CD/SACD players.

I am keeping the Marantz.
Hello Ss5,

I am interested in the Primare BD32 as well.
Where did you demo this player?
If you don't intend to burn the SACD-R and only intend to play the 2 channel layer, all you need is a DAC that can process DSD over USB, a Mac Mini with Audirvana Plus 1.4 and voila. Playback of the ISO on your computer.

You can also do the same on the PC (using foobar and specific plug ins) but I am not familiar with it.
SACD playing on an EMM Labs CDSA thru Meitner MA-1 DAC with AES input.

Same SACD.ISO file playing on a Mac Mini on Audirvana Plus streaming through USB to Meitner MA-1 DAC with DSD over USB.

Ironically, the SACD.ISO file on DSD sounds better than playing with the original SACD disc on the SACD player.

But that's cos the SACD is being converted to 88.2kHz PCM using the CDSA
@ Ss5:

Does the UD7007 support .iso files?

Me, my friend and my cossin all have the best Universal player ever built, the Denon DVD-3910. We all bought two of these in case of spareparts. DVD audio sounds great, SACD sounds formidable. The dynamic is one of a kind. There is nothing better, not even vinyl. These days you can still buy one under €100,00. But the more people know these are the only high-end players that can play SACD-R, the more the price will rise. We also make our own SACD from DVD-rips and HD-Tracs and HD-Vinyl, with the help of the Philips software:
Super Autor. In a german test on the internet, the DENON DVD-3910 Was the best SACD plyer ever tested.
Just one question: does anyone know if the Yamaha BD-A1040 read SACD-R?
I found this thread after googling the term "burn sacd-r ISO to play in a bluray player". I need help.
I have a large number of *.ISO files that are backups (copies) of SACDs. They played fine via network (JRiver software) to a Marantz AV8801 processor. I've moved the hardware to another room and now these large files play with a stutter. So, now I have to forgo the network playing route and simply burn the *.ISO's to actual physical disks (DVD-R or DVD-RW).
The network stutter is completely beside the point here. Here is where I need help.
I've read up on the topic and apparently there are only a few bluray players that will play SACD copies. As I understand it, the makers of these universal disk players were behind the curve on copyright protection for these early models and they of course caught up with the later models that simply stopped reading the burned SACD-R copies.
Marantz UD5005 was mentioned most often as such a player, along with a few OPPO models. Here is one of the links:
So, I buy a used UD5005, fully expecting it to play a DVD-R with an *.ISO copy of a SACD burnt onto it. But the UD5005 cant read it. And I bought it especially for this purpose. So, what am I doing wrong?
Here are the possibilities:
1) I am using the wrong disk types (DVD-R). Should it be DVD+R? DVD-RW? DVD+RW? A specific brand of disk - Sony, memorex, etc?
2) I am using the wrong type of SACD-R *.ISO files. Is there a certain kind burnt with certain software so the UD5005 will read it?
3) Something is wrong with the Marantz UD5005? It plays regular BDs fine. I have not tried SACDs on it, but I am sure it is fine. I tried resetting it to factory default firmware, then to the latest firmware update, nothing works.
The Marantz says either no disk or unknown disk.
Please help.