SACD player that will read the SACD layer

I have had poor luck with SACD/CD players that will default to the redbook layer and not read the SACD layer.

Please share with me any experience with a player that will nearly always read the SACD layer.

Really? I have Sony and Oppo players (and used others). These have settings to fix your default preference to always read the SACD layer and do.
I'll have to echo Kr4. I've owned Esoteric and dCS. Never had this issue...
Is there a reason why you haven't said which players you've had problems with?
Some players like Denon always default to the SACD layer. With my Oppo, you can set the default order any way you want.
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I'll have to echo Kr4. I've owned Esoteric and dCS. Never had this issue..."

I would hope so, since those players cost more than some peoples cars.
Depending on your specific player, but some players have a setting that will allow you to set the default. You might want to check that, if not have you tried a lens cleaner?
Since the SACD requires a finer laser it may have some dust and the player is just doing what it can do.
Thank you. I have not yet had an OPPO. The players I have had have been a bit mainstream. Sony, Marantz, Denon, Music Hall and some others I am not remembering. Some have had settings to set the redbook or SACD layer, but that has not always made a difference.

The current Dennon has a default setting, but has not made much difference.

I am in the market to get a new/used player and want to make sure my choice will read the SACD layer on hybrid discs.

Any suggestions on players you like the sonic qualities of would be appreciated.

Seems some high end companies are not offering SACD players.

Also, are there outboard DACs that process the SACD layer on discs? a P.S., I do have a laser cleaning disc, but not sure if it cleans the SACD laser?
I would think the cleaning disc would work, can't hurt to try. As far a new player what is your budget?
Theo, Likely 500 to 1500 or maybe buy and outboard DAC.
If you are playing actual SACD disk's, you'll probably have to go with a 1 box player. There are very few separates, and all the ones I know of are very expensive. The Marantz SACD players are very popular in your price range. I have a Sony 9000ES. Its a decent player stock, but its a very popular player to mod. I know the Oppo is good, but if you just need to play CD/SACD, you'll end up paying for a lot of features you won't be using.
I had my Marantz SA8005 for about 1.5 years now and it had never missed an scad disk. It's a slower worker, sometimes taking up to 10 seconds to recognize the sacd but had never missed it.
Thanks to all for your input.  Odd, I picked up a very cheap Pioneer player just to see if it would read the SACD layer of a hybrid disc...and it did.  I think I just need to be able to spend more money for a more current player. 
Esoteric, Marantz and Sony ES are the best spinners.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!