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Emerson Lake & Palmer/Brain Salad Surgery-35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition ....import double CD + SACD set $41.95

Brain Salad Surgery is the fourth studio album by progressive rock band Emerson Lake & Palmer, released in 1973 and the first under their Manticore Records imprint. (announced in a press release that they now had both the financial and musical freedom to realize their fantasies). Just as striking as the music was the album's artwork. With other progressive acts becoming as well known for their album cover art as their music, ELP's covers up to this point looked fairly undistinguished in comparison. Having encountered the art of HR Giger whilst on tour in Switzerland, Keith felt that there was a immediate match between his art and their music, later stating: " was dark and very foreboding, and for me it represented ELP's music". The band released a flexi 7'' single of new material in conjunction with the New Musical Express. The disk contained extracts of the album and a track entitled Brain Salad Surgery, recorded during left over studio time. With the album in the can, the band went straight back out on the road again in the USA and then in Europe, further cementing their position at the top of the premiere league of acts in the USA. They did this using the most ambitious spectacular presentation ever mobilised for a group, comprising 35 tons of equipment, a quadraphonic sound system, a huge convoy of trucks. This re-issue features a bonus CD which includes the flexi-disc tracks, alternative mixes of all tracks on the album and other bonuses, and a bonus SACD with both stereo and 5.1 mixes of the album all housed in a deluxe package with informative liner notes and a booklet crammed with rare photos and memorbilia.
Saw them live for that tour in fall of 1973 at Boston Garden, right balcony. half way down floor. Excellent show and one of the best sounding for the old Garden. Lake had two bass amps with alternating slow pulsating blue lights. He and Emerson stood on beautiful Persian rugs. Palmer had a huge intricate kit with hundreds of percussives, and he used them all. Emerson's automated moving Moog modular at the end of Brain Salad turned itself toward the audience and did the speed-up sequence with a wonderful flash and boom at the end.
Hope it doesn't sound HOT like the original did. Way too much sizzle then.
Well all I can say is I hope they re-release the first album too in the same format.
I have the first three remastered with K2-HD coding and they sound amazing especially the first one.
I seen that tour myself, at the long gone Ampitheather in Chicago. I was able to smuggle in a pair of Binoculars, Carl Palmer was just a blur. Never seen so many JBL Speakers in my life. My Mac-JBL System sounded like a little transitor radio for a couple days after that concert. Keith Emerson was the greatest keyboard "madman" I ever seen, or ever will see, he was truly a master. The live ending of Karn Evil 9 made the released version sound meek by comparison.Would be nice to perhaps see Brain Salad, and Lucky Man LPs re-issued again by Mo-Fi on 200g Vinyl. I've got the Trilogy, and Tarkus on Mo-Fi. Mark
>>Would be nice to perhaps see Brain Salad, and Lucky Man LPs re-issued again by Mo-Fi on 200g Vinyl.<<


The original pressings are clearly better. I have the MFSL release of "Pictures" and it's ok, nothing special. Also heard Tarkus and Trilogy and again, fairly mediocre.

The original Cotillion and Manticore pressings are the records to look for.
I have to kindly disagree about the Mo-Fi Trilogy, and Tarkus being mediocre. Both I have are low number limited edition Anadisc 200's, and both sound mighty fine to me! What releases you have heard, I have no idea.I have all the ELP originals, the Mo-Fi's IMO clearly surpass the original Manticore-Cotillion releases, which I bought the moment they hit the shelves.Mark
The MFSL "Pictures" is quite good. The other MFSL ELP releases are remarkably ordinary.

The Cotillion and Maniticore original pressings are clearly superior.

This is based on a variety of tonearms and cartridges with hundreds of playings.
Just played my Brain Salad and Trilogy cd's, there is nothing wrong with the quality of either of those cd's.How can anyone say Benny the Bouncer or track #7 on Trilogy sound bad? I won't be purchasing any new versions as these originals are good enough.

Oh yea thanks for the wonderful memories...

One of my first concerts was ELP's "welcome back my friends" tour. My older sister’s boyfriend took me to Madison Square Garden in NYC. I still remember the piano being raised and spun head over heals… And the gongs…

I guess it’s time to dust off that old concert album and kick back
Rwwear - any updates on other ELP recordings on SACD?
Yes, I have it but haven't really sat down to listen but a random playing while doing other things proved disappointing. But, I'll give it another chance.
All the original Island ELP albums sound more or less superlative. I don´t need MoFi nor any other versions, not even the latest technology, whatever it may be. Also the Cotillion and Manticore originals are probably superior, or excellent at least.
The MoFi editions are nice. Happy Listening!
The SACD edition is worth seeking out as well- very limited run.
Happy Listening!