Keith Emerson of ELP.....Rest in Peace!

We've lost another great one today, Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer ( ELP ).  Sad as he was not very old.  A great keyboard player.  He, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer were way ahead of their time I always thought.  The way they mixed jazz and classical with rock was amazing.  I know what I'll be doing later today/tonight; listening to "Fanfare For The Common Man", Works Vol. I., etc. Rest in peace Keith, and thank you for the great songs and memories.

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of concerts that I have attended, one of the best was an ELP show.  WOW, what musicians.

R.I.P. Keith
I ws lucky enough to see them several times in my youth!

Concert quality musicians who were so in sink with each other that the music would stray to unbelievable places yet come together on a dime!

Truly one force of nature!

Never saw them live.  My loss.
Neither did I mapman.  I sure wish I would have.  I've sure enjoyed their many albums however.  Really like Tarkus and the Works Vol. I and 2 albums.  Regards........
Thank you for letting us know. I was in high school when ELP were at their peak, but I still enjoy their albums today. Saw them one time, August Jam, 1974, Charlotte Motor Speedway, 400,000 people, not ideal venue, but enjoyed it nonetheless. RIP.
Getting tired of saying goodbye to my childhood idols. RIP Keith.
A God went home... RIP, Keith
The last pebble was cast
Keith Emerson is a genius, probably playing with Chris Squire now.
I never saw ELP alive. My loss, really sad.

Thanks, Keith & Chris for your incredible music :)
A lucky man, indeed! R.I.P.
One of the best live concerts of my long list , 
I went to see ELP in Brazil on a small venue around 5.000 people , not so long ago 
ELP where in their mid 50s they played all the classics ,
more mature they payed better than on the 70s and 80s,one of the moments I cant ever forget is when Keith laid on his belly on top of the  grand piano and played at full speed ,  at that particular  position the keys and hands  are inverted, genius.
how come only 3 guys can produce such incredible music impact and perfection ,

R.I.P. Keith.
@ricardoak thanks for sharing that incredible experience with us!  Yes, it does seem that many bands of the past had genius musicians playing in them.  I'm thankful/glad I grew up in that era!  Regards.......