Probably my greatest rock hero and one of the most accomplished rock keyboard players the world has seen.

RIP dude.
What a huge loss and sad day for the music world.

Like Rush and Yes and Supertramp they were master musicians who's improvising and solidity as a group was astounding to see live!

I feel like my youth has all but lost it's heroes!

A true late 20th century musical pioneer and hugely talented.  He trail-blazed in a most unique and formative time in history of pop/rock music.  Music critic's didn't get ELP and demonized them but true music lovers out there knew they were hearing something unique, new  and special and it all revolved around Keith Emerson.   A huge loss.
I agree,  we all will miss em.
That’s sad...gunshot...WTF...

The guy was a master craftsman. Let’s not forget his great former group - The Nice.

Amazing mastery of keyboards and composition.  Sure he "borrowed" the works of other composers, particularly classical, but in his re-orchestration, brought new life into those classics.
How ironic.  I have been listening to them lately and just received a UK pressing of Brain Salad Surgery.  I will definitely be listening with a different view. I always liked those guys.
Keith Emerson/ELP opened the door for many of us to have an appreciation/interest for classical music. My first ELP purchase was Pictures at an Exhibition on CD which was also my first CD purchase that was recommended by an older audiophile. By the time I hit 20(where has the time gone?) over 25 classical recordings were in my music collection mostly due to ELP and TAS. Out of respect I will play my original "Pictures" disc and spin "BSS" this weekend!
ELP's "Brain Salad Surgery" was a big favorite of mine. Very sad about Keith Emerson's passing. I used "Lucky Man" and "Take a Pebble " as demo tracks to show off my system back in the 70's. 
ELP was my favorite group in high school and I managed to see them twice at Cobo Hall in Detroit. What a concert they put on, Keith was a stupendous performer. Carl and Greg did a fine job too. I still have the programs from both concerts, something I did not do for any other concerts back then. ELP was almost totally responsible for me "discovering" classical music, something that was never played in my household. Man, will he be missed ...

Listening to Trilogy now. Wish I could find my copy of Brain Salad Surgery, but can't seem locate it. I think I'll order a new one......

RIP Keith. I hope you are at Peace.
I will always remember his amazing hi tech "synthesizer ". Truly original and amazing. I was just commenting in an earlier post regarding his band mates talents on percussion.


What a talented musician he was, I have been a fan for years and had a tremendous appreciation for his music. It seems like we are losing the greats to often here lately. If anything, I am feeling older.

I hope his family has plenty of support at this time and may he rest in eternal peace.

I loved the guy. He and ELP got me into music on a level I hadn't experienced before. Heck, I liked ELP long before I got into the Beatles.  Keith Emerson led me to (then) Walter Carlos which led me to love classical. I never got enough of them. 

So sad to hear about how he may have gone.

All the best,

Huge sad loss, what a great talent, never to be replaced, R.I.P.
Keith Emerson turned the keyboard to the main instrument, no-one before him couldn´t do that. He became the master of the Hammond and Moog, the mightiest player of them all. He took symphonic classical music to another level, he made classical to rock´n´roll. "Pictures at an Exhibition" (March 1971) is a live recording rock version from Modest Mussorsky´s symphony, its Blue Variations section adds extra drama to this quite incredible performance of a simple rock group. 

I will play Intermezzo from Karelia (Sibelius) and Jerusalem in his memory.

Keith, after all your work there´s no more pain, now you have peace.
Thank you for the music. 
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"They were played in my secondary system which consisted of a Parasound Halo Integrated Amp, Sony HAPZ1ES Music Player and Golden Ear Triton 2 Speakers."

Why the hell would you post that crap in a thread like this...??? 
Actually, Pictures at an Exhibition was composed for piano and later scored for full orchestra.
Right you are tostadosunidos. I have a Columbia LP I bought new in 1970 of a live solo piano performance (recorded in the 1950's, I believe) of the original composition. A nice alternative to the orchestrated version.
What terrible news.   He was my musical hero.  I have played ELP's first album more than any other in my collection.  Take a Pebble.  What a gem of a song.   So sorry....
jsd - 2016 is certainly off to a start as a terrible year for losses among popular musicians...not that 2015 was so good.  Anyway, while I can't say I've played ELP's first the most of anything in my collection, I can say I do like it a lot and will still listen to it.  I can well remember first hearing it just after it came out back in '70 or '71; had never heard anything like it up to that point.  Take a Pebble is a standout track.  I like Greg Lake's vocals and his song-writing (Still...You Turn Me On is another good Lake composition from BSS).   Wish I could find an SACD of ELP's first!