Rumors of GamuT going out of business?

Has anybody heard such rumors?
GamuT was sold by Ole Christiansen to Rossing Nielsen Electronics, another Danish company. Ole continues to work for GamuT. GamuT is not going out of business, just changed ownership - though the key player is still there.
Yep, I read GamuT was sold..I also read that B&W has bought Classe.

I can't prove this but it looks as if in many cases designers would like to work on products than run a whole company.

Dude, this thread is from 2003...have you broken both your legs...??
You need to tone it down. He was just trying to make a point, why original owners sometime remain with the company after it is sold. And where is a rule on audiogon that indicates you cannot resurrect old threads?

At least respect age and the fact that Stan had some real serious health issues. If we cannot be constructive, at least lets don't be disruptive or make others feel bad. Remember, you are not going to be young forever. Someday when you grow old, another amateur (like you) will poke fun at you. At that point, you probably will love it when someone says "...have you broken both your legs...??"
Good grief,'s all light-hearted; just mild banter. Or should I be incredibly serious constantly...
Stanwal has given some really helpful posts. They have helped me. I am glad to see him posting again after some health challenges. A great audiogon member.