Rumors about a new Ayre integrated amplifier?

Has anyone heard any rumors about a new integrated amplifier being introduced by ayre in the near future? specs?
It's not nice to spread rumors!!!! :)
Have you checked
I'll start one. I heard that Ayre is coming out with a new $10K integrated amp....and it's a tube unit!!!
I talked to a sales rep from ayre they are coming out with a new integrated amp that combines the 5 series amplifier and pre amplifier into one nice package
Jreerunn40,,, did he say if it was a tube amp? I'm thinking of upgrading my integrated amp at our lake house, now a Jadis unit, and love most of the Ayre products I've heard. I'm not much into tubes anymore but are second system was setup and voiced with a tube integrated so it's probably best to say with tubes. The Redrose Music speakers seem to adore tubes.
Thanks for putting the anti rumor mill trolls in there place.
There's a certain aficianado type web site that leaked photos of a prototype for the new Ayre integrated. This rumor pegs it as a AX-5 100 watt. I first saw it last night and an employee replied very angrily that the photo was somehow leaked because they can't answer questions about it yet because it hasn't been blessed for release. Actual round volume pots. Looks very nice.
My AX-5'a arrived today. Richer sound with greater transparency through my Thiel CS-3.7'a. Absolutely stunning. Worth trading up from K-5xemp and V-5xe. Highly recommend you give it an audition, but to hear it you need a really transparent speaker.
Amazme1, I'm very envious! I'm trying to figure out how to pay for an AX-5. Your Thiels are great speakers. You must be getting excellent sound!